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Here is a sneak peak

Introducing The BBSU Circuit Protocols System

Component 1- Strategically Designed Hormonal Response Circuit Workouts ($97 Value)

These workouts are designed to combat those nasty hormones we talk about in the above article, with strategically designed sets, reps, tempo, and of course exercise selection, these workouts are a fun, challenging results driven experience
We also include images of each exercise displaying the start and finish position of each exercise.



Component 2 – The Complete FOLLOW along ONLINE Workout Videos ($197 Value)

Join Brett as he takes Emily through her paces, pointing out correctional cues so you can ensure you are doing the exercises correctly, and achieving maximum results.

Online Workout Video 1: Luscious Lean Legs

This workout is designed to sculpt and carve a set of sexy looking legs, so you can feel confident wearing the shorter skirt over the ankle high version.

Online Workout Video 2: Primal Instinct

The exercise in this workout are named after certain primates due to there movement patters, you will be introduced to, Ducks, Bears, Emu, Birds, Dogs and more. Not only is this workout challenging, it is Fun and most of all, designed for a full body makeover

Online Workout video 3: Termanatrix

The name of this workout is derived from 2 very famous action movies, can you pick it?
If not no problems, all you need to know is that this workout is designed to have you looking like a real life super hero, like the Cat Women or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Component 3 – Assessment Tracker’s ($47 Value)

This module alone could be a totally different product in itself.
Complete with 5 different trackers to help keep you on track and achieve the best results possible.
Daily Food Planner & Tracker
Goal Setting Made Easy
Visual Goal Aid
Results Progress Tracker
Weekly Adherence Tracker
Studies have shown that by using a food diary alone, resulted in 2x greater fat loss than the group who never.

Component 4 – Mental Magic ($97 Value)

This is what I call the light bulb module.
Before starting any challenge in life, we need to create balance.
This module will guide you through the steps, to create the balance in your life, needed to achieve your new Sexy Bikini Body.
It also comes with an interactive exercise template.

Component 5 – Scientific Supplements ($47 Value)

One of the most asked questions we get via our Vip members is, “what supplements should I be taking” and to make this as easy as possible we have designed Scientific Supplements.
We have taken the science and delivered it to you in an easy to read format.
We review studies and find real reasons why we should take a certain supplement.
There are to many supplements companies out there suggest you take far to many supplements is can become overwhelming.
So after reading this report, backed by proven scientific evidence you will have an understanding on what is good, but more importantly WHY!

Component 6- Warm Up Protocols ($37 Value)

In these 2 follow along videos,
Emily takes you through 2 of our favorite warm-ups that will prepare you for your workout of the day.

Bonus 1 – The Ghd ($27 Value)

Fat Fighting Workout

This workout has nothing to do with the GHD hair straitener, sorry ladies 🙂
This workout is designed to produce higher levels of Growth Hormone, the best possible hormone we could produce when it comes to burning body fat and building lean sexy muscle.
We manipulate certain workouts variable to produce this greater than normal response.

Bonus 2 – 21 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan ($97 Value)

This meal plan has been designed for the Circuit Protocols System. (never seen before)
It comes complete with 21 days of nutritious, tasty meals that you can easily repeat at the end of a cycle.
This module also comes complete with a list of the most FAQ”S we receive from thousands of members, which will help you manipulate this meal plan to suit your desires.

As you can see, the entire 9-component system is a real $597 value, and as I mentioned in the video, I’ll be straight up GIVING AWAY five full packages come Wednesday.
But even if you don’t happen to win a free copy, don’t worry, I’m not charging $597 for this information, not even close.
And in fact, you’re going to get one heck of a discount off the already discounted “regular price” just because you took the time to open this email today.
I appreciate you following our information and believe me, I’ll make sure you’re taken care of come Wednesday
But before that even happens, you now have have the opportunity to WIN this whole system for FREE.

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