Why weight training is BAD!

Before I start a weight lifter riot, let me explain what I mean by the title of this article. And let me explain why I think weight training is bad!

Firstly if you know me well enough, you will know that I am not like other fitness professionals. In fact I do not class myself as a fitness professional.

I class myself as an educator. Fitness is just one of the areas in which I teach.

To be a GREAT educator, you must also be great at getting people to read, follow and understand your material.

What good is the secret code, if it’s a secret?

And with the heading “Why weight training is BAD!” well I know for a fact that this heading will generate an extra 30-50,000 readers when I email this to our subscribers. (become a subscriber here, and receive a free 7 day meal plan)

NOW BEFORE YOU think I have tricked you into reading this. I haven’t. There is a VERY VALUABLE lesson here to grasp.

I stand by my statement. And here is why!

Weight training is BAD, but weight training is also AMAZING, I would even go as far to say it is the holy grail of health and fitness. (no I am not on drugs)

Petrol is BAD, if used in a diesel automobile.

The female contraceptive pill is BAD, if used by males.

Just like taking a skinny dip in the ocean in the middle of winter is bad. Especially for us males 🙂

Ok, so I could go on all day with these examples, but I am sure you get my point here?

I want to give this article context and EXPLAIN exactly why I am writing it.

I was at the gym this morning and I noticed a lady throwing some dumbbells around in what could be described as an EXTREMELY unorthodox, windmill like fashion.

I am not the type of person to pull out my iPhone and record this debacle so I could get some cheap laughs on social media. So this is what I did.

I walked up to this lady and said.

Me: “Hows your workout going” (notice I didn’t say “what the…. are you doing women, you are going to hurt yourself. I simply thought that. I didn’t say it. I used a principle that I live by which is, SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD)

Me: “What are you working out today?”

Jane Doe: “Shoulders”

Me: “Oh great, what results are you looking for?”

Jane Doe: “Just want to tone up and lose a few kilos”

Me: “Great to hear. If your interested, Id be happy to show you another way how you can do that exercise that will help you get those results nice and quick”

Jane Doe: “Really, that would be great”

So I went on to explain a couple of fundamentals.

And it is these fundamentals that I want to share with you also.

You see, the reason why I say – Weight training is bad – Is simply because, if it is not DONE CORRECTLY, it can actually have a negative effect on you as opposed to a positive. SAY GOODBYE to muscle tone and weight loss, and say hello to injuries, muscle imbalances, and more body fat. SERIOUSLY, it does and will happen.

Here were my critiques and why.

1) The reason why she looked like a windmill in full speed is because she was attempting an exercise with dumbbells, that were FAR to heavy for her. I suggested that she drop her dumbbells from 8kg down to a 2kg – YES 2kg. At first she said “oh no, thats ok, I am doing powerlifting” my reply was “That’s awesome. I have been following a powerlifting philosophy for the last 10 years, and this is what I have found to be, by far the most advanced strategy out there.”

Jane Doe: “ohk then, if thats the case, go ahead”

Summing Up: When trying to perfect a movement, start out at the least amount of weight possible. (Most guys are shocking at this, I used to be one of them, but thats an entire different article). You want to create fluid and safe motor engram patterns. This will allow you to repeat this exercise on autopilot each and every time. Safety and effectively.

2) Slow down the speed of the movement and let the muscles that need to be worked, work.

3) Be willing to change. It took a little persuasion and influence to help this lady change her own mind.

Which leads me to my biggest tip of you. A tip that EVERYONE in life should adapt and use on a daily basis.

Help others where you can. I mean, I could have easily let this lady carry on doing what she was doing. But like I said at the top of this article. I am here to serve. And I wold not have been congruent with my values if I did not at least try and help.

I believe the secret in helping people WANT to understand is this. Seek first. Imagine what they are thinking and feeling in that moment.

Jane Doe was simply doing what she thought to be right.

And to conclude. When you help others, you are also helping yourself. Try it sometime.

Over to you.

Brett Campbell

References: Brett Campbell’s gym session.

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