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Let’s Take A Look At What You Will Receive With The Fiit Chick VIP Membership

MEMBER BENEFIT #1: The FiiT Chick Vault ($1079 value - FREE)

Just to be clear. The FiiT Chick Vault is like something you have NEVER seen before. And all our VIP members agree.

They are, without putting to much emphasis on it, the very HEART of our business...

...and we want YOU to have it for FREE!

Once your inside, with just a couple of clicks you can access the:

Deluxe Version Of The 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint System (valued @ $77)

This is a complete 9 piece component workout and nutrition system.

We have had people lose up to 14kg on this system in only 21 days, AND keep it off.

This system is strategically designed for maximum Fat Loss.

With beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts. We have got you covered no matter where you are starting.

GOLD LEVEL Access To FiiT Workout Challenges. (Valued @ $94)

You will gain access to over 65 different workout challenges that are for the person who:

  1. Wants an extra challenge in their workouts.
  2. Needs to break a current plateau and start seeing results again.
  3. Wants results faster than they are currently achieving them.
  4. Wants to add variety to their workouts.

You will ALSO gain access to the 10 Day Bikini Body Kick-Start Challenge, the 21 Day Bikini Body Turnaround and tons more amazing body shaping challenges.

How To Increase Flexibility and Mobility Without Stretching (valued @ $47)

This workbook along with instructional video, will show you the exact methods on how to reduce aches and pains, increase your flexibility and mobility all in the comfort of your own home.

SO MANY people get this technique WRONG. In fact they end up doing more harm then good. It pays to learn the right way.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes (over 300 and growing)

If you like recipes then you are going to love, love, love this feature.

We have created a section inside the member’s area where you can create, share and use any of the recipes available under the multiple different categories.

This feature will continue to grow each and every day, becoming the go to resource.

More Recipes - Complete Recipe Manuals (valued $32.95)

And if it couldn’t get any better. You will also gain access to the EXTREMELY POPULAR “Clean Recipes Made Easy” recipe books. Over 120 different clean eating inventions. Along with the Green Super Smoothie bonus.

The Complete Circuit Protocols Workout and Nutrition System (valued $107)

This is a Strategically Designed, Time Efficient FOLLOW Along Workout System That Will Melt Fat, Build Lean Sexy Muscle And Smash Any Training Platue Imaginable.

This system has been designed to manipulate and utilize hormones to combat those stubborn fat storage areas such as the stomach, hips and thighs.    

So if you struggle with stomach, butt and thigh fat. This is definitely for you.

This system comes compete with:

  • 21 Day clean eating meal plan.
  • Mindset modules to help your get into the right frame of mind.
  • Multiple workouts designed to target your entire body.
  • Multiple assessment trackers to keep you focused and on track.
  • Bonus workout finishers; designed to burn maximum body fat from each and every session.

Fiit Shop Minimum 10% Loyalty Discount (Save $100's)

As a FiiT Chick VIP Member you will also be given your very own coupon code where you will receive a minimum 10% discount on all our Fiit Shop supplement products.

Fiit Nutrition products are made with the highest quality ingredients. No CHEAP fillers or crap like many supplement brands.

How To Identify And Overcome Your Personal Blockages (valued @ $149)

This 111 page resource is worth the membership fee alone.

The tools and the knowledge you’ll find described here in this workbook will provide you with the cornerstones for building a solid foundation in this new art of self-help health.

The exercises in this workbook will require discipline, courage and the determination to heighten your perception and awareness.

You will then be able to use what you have learnt to create the life you want.

“There is no situation you cannot change. There is nothing that is beyond your capacity”

As You Have Probably Noticed By Now. There Is No Other Program or Solution Out There That Offers What We Are Offering.

But as we said earlier we are 100% committed to helping you achieve your true potential. Outside and in.

We want to make this decision for you as EASY AS POSSIBLE.

So we are also giving you:

The Bikini Body Shape Up System (valued @ $94)

This is by far our most popular system with thousands of copies sold worldwide.

Not only will it flatten your stomach, shape up your hips and thighs, and give you that toned and curvy look you truly desire.  It doesn’t require any expensive gym equipment so you can workout in the privacy of your own home.

It also contains a BONUS component called "Absolutely Amazing Abs". Which is 7 different abdominal workouts you are GUARANTEED to LOVE!

And here are just a few more AMAZING resources you will find in the VIP Members area.

  • 56 power questions that will literally CHANGE YOUR life.
  • 12 Week nutrition and activity diary.
  • Framework on how to gain perspective which will allow you to move past self limiting thoughts.
  • Your guide to nutrient deficiencies. This is CRUCIAL for anyone on a FAT LOSS journey.
  • Kitchen makeover
  • Learn how to EAT PROPERLY without EVER counting a single calorie EVER AGAIN.

OK, so I know what you may be thinking.

You are either EXTREMELY EXCITED to jump on board and take advantage of all these AMAZING resources.


You are overwhelmed with how much information and resources you have available and YOU DO NOT know where to EVEN start. AND THAT IS OK!

We will carefully guide you on your journey to make sure you start at the right place.

And to do this. You will receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to:

MEMBER BENEFIT #2: Vip Coaching and Support Community!

This is a members only forum where myself, Emily and other health and fitness professionals will be there to answer your questions and provide you with the best information we possibly can.

The GREAT thing about how this forum is set out is that you are able to create and customise your very own experience.

If you only want to follow conversations and information around a specific topic you can. It’s as simple as a click of a button. But if you want to follow everything and keep your finger on the pulse,  you can do that also.

“Super Cool Feature” Create and share or simply follow a journey!

Inside the members area we have created an avenue where you can create and share your very own journey with the other FiiT Chick members.

You can share your photos, workouts and meal prep, you name it. You can even share a good ole selfie like Emily on the right ====>

This is also a perfect place to share your struggles and achievements along your journey. You can ask for help, or simply be the help.

This will certainly keep you accountable to your goals, but best of all you will be motivating other members to succeed like you.

If you’re not ready to share your journey you can SIMPLY follow another member/s of your choice.

So every time they make an update or a post to their journey, you will be notified immediately so you can check it out.

MEMBER BENEFIT #3: On Going Resources and Education!

Ongoing education is a MUST in any area of your life that you are looking for continual improvement in.

That is why you will receive this:


Each and every month there will be new resources uploaded to the member’s area.

Ranging from, workouts, nutrition to mindset modules.

We will also run educational webinars (online presentations) on certain topics ranging from:

  • How to EAT for YOUR BODY type without EVER counting a single calorie.
  • The MOST UP TO DATE methods to burning OPTIMUM body fat.
  • The BEST strategies on how to build lean, sexy muscle without ever getting big and bulky.
  • Foods you MUST AVOID NOW that you think are healthy, but they are making your fatter.
  • How to REWIRE and RESET the most POWERFUL tool of all. YOUR MIND.
  • The 4C FRAMEWORK to unleashing MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE you never thought was possible.
  • New workouts SPECIFICALLY designed for specific outcomes.

We will also uncover Extremely Powerful lessons that will prepare YOU for personal transformation in all areas of your life.

  • Creating and designing the lifestyle of YOUR choice.
  • Understanding the power of YOUR OWN emotions and how to use them to YOUR advantage to ACHIEVE what YOU WANT.
  • How to create and sustain powerful relationships in all life’s roles. We will even help you discover what they are.
  • Productivity and time management tips, so YOU can get more done in less time. So you can spend time more time doing what YOU LOVE.

MEMBER BENEFIT #4: Exercise Library (over 90 video demonstrations)

With over 90 current video demonstrations (and growing) you will learn how to correctly perform some of the most common, and uncommon exercise available.

AVOID creating muscle imbalances that take you months and sometimes years to correct. DO IT right the first time and you will be setting yourself up for MAXIMUM benefit.

Learn the TIPS and TRICKS to faster fat loss and increased strength.

Let's Here From Some Of Our Members

Monthly Membership

YES Please! I’d like to upgrade my membership to become a FiiT Chick VIP monthly member for $69.95 today then $19.95 every 30 days as long as I remain a member.  I understand that I can cancel anytime.

Annual Membership (Get 5 Months FREE)

(WEBINAR SPECIAL - 2x Payments of only $99)

YES Please! I’d like to get 5 months FREE when I upgrade my membership to become a FiiT Chick VIP annual member for just a single payment of $299.00 $199.00.  I understand that I am receiving a massive discount.