What you are about to read & view, gives me enormous satisfaction.

I am going to reveal to you the 5 Winners of the 1st FiiT Chick National Transformation Challenge.

This is where ladies from all over Australia registered to take part in, and to be in the running to win over $1000 in cash prizes.

Here were the following conditions.

They had to use either or a combination of the following workout systems.

Bikini Body Shape Up

Circuit Protocols

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint

They had to register day 1, send in an update at week 6, and of course then submit their 12 week completion.

Before I reveal the Winners and their stories there are a few things we first must understand.

1- This challenge was set at probably the most hardest time of the year. The half way mark was the 1st January. (definitely a good excuse to not participate)

2- We had over 530 people submit their interest in giving the challenge a go. (thats pretty good)

Out of the 530 people, 109 people actually submitted their ENTRY. (thats not so good)

Out of 109 people only 17 people completed the 12 weeks & submitted their final entry (thats really bad)

I had to use my calculator for this, and it showed me something amazing….

3.2% of people actually went from START to FINISH.


I am going to go out on a limb here and try my hand at some poetry. This should sum it up.

Dedicated to the FiiT Chick Winners Who Can Achieve Anything.

In life it is very rare to find all your ducks lining up 
But the big question is, are you going to give up?

It doesn’t matter how, it doesn’t matter when
You need to keep your focus on the beginning to the end
Its all about the journey, and what you learn along the way
Its never about the destination, because that may be some day
Focus on the now and what you can do about it
Instead of finding excuses, and then you read about it, in a poem, in a magazine, it doesn’t really matter

What matters is this…

By starting something and not seeing it through
It is a true reflection of how you really see YOU
Its hard to admit, but even harder to see it happen
We seem constantly  blinded by our own mysterious pattern
Break the habits and the bad patterns of old
And start to watch your new life unfold
Its easy to start, you just need to say YES
What follows is repetitive cycles of you doing your best
Start with a small goal followed by more
Ask your self why your doing this, deep form the core
Not because I want to, its not important enough
This particular question is going to be tough
But be honest with yourself, as you can smell your own bull
You know what I mean, stop acting the fool
Why do you want it, what will it mean
The answers to this will help you live your dream
So take the first step, then followed by more
And in weeks from now you can open the door
To new life, to new beginnings
You will be amazed at what you’ve been given
You have a choice and this is how
Say YES, YES, YES, and start living right NOW

from a poet who doesn’t know it.

Brett Campbell


And the Amazing winners are….

Category- 17-29 years

Program Used – Bikini Body Shape Up

I am so Proud! I never thought I would actually change so much.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the body transformation but I also LOVE the metal side as well.  My mind seems clearer and not only in relation to health and fitness but life in general. I am a better person then I was 12 weeks ago

There were challenges that tested me but I feel I managed them well, I had terrible pain with my wisdom teeth and had them all removed in hospital. I couldn’t exercise for approx, 12 days and food was the last thing I wanted but I made a revised eating plan with everything mashed or pureed. Despite not moving for 12 days, I still lost CMs and continued to lose CMs the following week. It was great for me to see that food intake is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

I now feel confident, happy, and overall positive. I am really learning to love myself again and it’s exciting! I love my FBW and my exercise time. I have had so much fun making the new me I now look forward to watching me grow further and reach new goals.


Category- 29-39 years

Program Used – Circuit Protocols

Transformation-Pics-AshleighThe last 12 weeks have been challenging to say the least. With Christmas, New Years and many family birthdays including my own (OMG I am going to be 30 next year ekk!)

I can proudly say I conquered my fears of gaining weight over this period, and actually surprised myself and lost weight and even more importantly lots of centimetres.

This was the first real festive period since beginning my new lifestyle, and I smashed it! I have learnt that you can have cake, enjoy life and still lose weight, as long as you maintain control.

I feel amazing, “fiit”ter and healthier than I ever have. I am proud to say that I can now catch and keep up with my 8 year old son in a running race, opposed to watching on the sideline!

Thank you “Fiit Chicks” for the amazing support you offer a lady like me on her mission to better herself! Thanks for painting the path to show me in the direction of making myself a better person, for ME and only ME!


Category- 39+

Program Used – FiiT Chick TransformationsTransformation-Pics-Alexandra-

I have been on an incredible journey. I did lose a lot of weight in the first 6 weeks, and I do feel that I have become stronger and fitter. It has been hard work and I have learned that it takes hard work to get results.

I have eaten 90% clean over the weeks but since xmas I think was when I went a bit downhill. Still struggling to lose the stomach but i do have children and do believe with more work and determination it will also go.

I find it a lot easier getting up at 5:30am now and just jump out of bed in the mornings.

Currently I feel I have achieved good results but do wish I had done a bit better.

I am amazed at the support i have received from friends and family it has been a journey which I would recommend to anyone. Thank you for the opportunity.


Category- Starting Over 85kg

Program Used- Bikini Body Shape UpTransformation-Pics-Stacey 

I am fairly pleased with my results from the 12 week challenge. The hardest part was definitely getting through Christmas without undoing all the work in the previousI am fairly pleased with my results from the 12 week challenge. The hardest part was definitely getting through Christmas without undoing all the work in the previous

I am fairly pleased with my results from the 12 week challenge. The hardest part was definitely getting through Christmas without undoing all the work in the previous

couple of weeks. At the start of the challenge I felt frumpy and unfit. My self esteem was at an all time low, and I was struggling with depression. I noticed the real changes when I put on a pair of pants in the 9th week and spent the entire day pulling them up because they were too big!
That’s when I realised I was going to see results in cms more so than kgs. Now I feel motivated. I still have a way to go, but I feel as though I can do it now! I am determined to drop at least another dress size and get close to my pre-pregnancy weight! During the challenge I learned a great deal about backing myself. I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. And my body is not as wrecked as I thought it was after having two babies. I was making excuses that I have now managed to put at the back of my mind! I feel great!
Thank you a million times over…. this all means so much to me and my family!

Category- Starting Under 85Kg

Program Used- Bikini Body Shape UpTransformation-Pics-Nic
I don’t think I can quite express in words just how much FiiT Chicks means to me.
The constant support, work out challenges, information, guidance and encouragement you bring to the private group is what keeps me going and has made me be able to achieve what I have been able to during this past 12 weeks. And thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity in being able to participate in this challenge.

Now for the other transformations that are not measurable!
I have said a few times during this challenge, I wish I could measure the internal changes that I have seen transform over the last 12 weeks. That to me is my biggest achievement of this challenge.

I am normally a person that is looking for a quick fix. An easy option. If I don’t get quick weight loss or results on the scales, I will easily give up or starve, or find a weight loss pill or something that requires no effort but easy results. Also the challenge being over Christmas (when the food and drink will usually flow) would be enough for me to blow it off as it is not a convenient time.

I am proud to say I stuck it out. I actually didn’t stop. Yes sure sometimes I had a treat or a cheat meal, but that wasn’t an excuse to binge or a reason to stop, the next day I would be back, focused and working out. I did not give up. That for me is HUGE!
To me the scales did not move much in comparison to how much my diet and exercise changed but this was now not the focus. Instead I concentrated on how I was feeling. I feel so good. I noticed the little things – my skin is so much better (I used to need proactive to try and stop pimple breakouts but have now not needed this for the past 5 weeks), my nails are growing (always been so weak and brittle), my hair is strong and growing so fast. I feel healthy on the inside. I am actually happy, some days I just feel like I am just so high on life! (Cliché I know but don’t know how else to explain it!)

I have also found I am gaining more confidence, and learning to step outside of my comfort zone. I surprised myself just recently by not giving in to my insecurities and signing up for the color run with the FiiT Chick group in April. I was actually shaking when I committed to it. I even had a dream that night that I finished the race and missed all the colour and my shirt was still white (my insecurities playing with my mind in my sleep!). haha
What I had to give up during this 12 week challenge – My fear of failure (huge issue of mine), Excuses, Self doubt, My comfort zone.

WOW right, these ladies have done so well.
We are so proud of them for their achievements, Physically & More importantly Mentally….
Lets show these ladies some love in the comments below.
Also let me now what you think about the poem above, remember i have feelings, 🙂

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