Very Touchy Subject For Some

Now you have probably made your way to this page for the following reason:

You were very curious to see what I had to rant about.

Someone has sent you this link because they loved what they read.

Or you may have been simply doing a Google search and ended up here somehow, and if that is the case, this is going to be a very different introduction than most people have had.


Well normally I write blog posts about all topics regarding Health, Fitness & Lifestyle, but today is different.

I want to express my thoughts on a certain matter that I have seen escalade over the past few months and to be honest, I think a lot of it is driven or started for the wrong reasons.

Let me explain:

A little over 12 months ago FiiT ™ was created.  Our flagship program being FiiT Chicks.

In the first 12 months we had reached over 300,000 people by giving away a FREE 7 Day Meal Plan, YES this is a generic meal plan as there is no way we could write 300,000 different meal plans for every individual.

This is where my first rant comes in…

I can not believe the amount of people who are still simply NOT happy, but on the flip side actually angry about something you give away for FREE!

We have had literally dozens of people complain and get very nasty over the fact that their meal plan does not load on their computer.

So we set up a detailed FAQ page, which helps with trouble shooting.  Still this is not enough.  We then get people being angry about not understanding the FAQ page, then to find out that it was actually their computer that was out of date or missing something.

To some peoples credit they did/have apologised for their behaviour.

But my point is this.

If something is FREE – don’t complain. Try saying THANKYOU.

Dont get angry that the Free Wifi you have hooked onto cuts out on you, remember its FREE.  BE Grateful.happyunhappy

My next rant and life lesson starts here:

We have then created a FREE VIP group where we have a panel of Qualified Fitness Professionals.   We share our time for FREE to help educate & motivate others.  We also share FREE recipes, workout ideas and loads more…

But yes you guessed it.  There are still people who are not happy with that?

To our credit, we do have an awesome bunch of ladies in our group, and I am talking about a small minority here.

Furthermore, we have a set of fairly strict guidelines, which help us keep the environment safe, friendly and inviting for people to come and share and to my amazement…

Some people are not happy about that either!

My point I am making here is this; life is run by a set of rules, whether we know it or not!  You can’t drink and drive, you can’t sell drugs, you certainly can’t run someone over – even by accident or you will simply serve a punishment of some sort.

So when you break a rule or commit a crime, be sure to take it on your shoulders and do the time, I know that sounded like a rhyme – ok ill stop.

So the question I have for you is this, what rules do you live by, what do you obey and why do you obey it?

But more importantly, if you do not obey them do you expect there to be no consequences?

I didn’t think so…..

Do you expect to lose weight, if you eat crap and don’t exercise?

Exactly, everything has rules, the game catch and kiss has a rule, you have to catch them before you kiss them, simple huh.  Try playing a game of marco polo without the rule of having to keep your eyes shut, not going to happen is it?

Try not stopping at the next stop sign.  Ok no, please don’t do that, because I know what will happen…

Again, rules are around for a reason, to help us achieve a goal.

Write out your own set of rules, ie:fiit

I will not eat xyz because it will make me fat… those words right there are just as powerful as a stop sign at the intersection.

The only thing different is that there is no immediate consequence…. That right there my friends, is the problem….

No Immediate consequence = no offence.  Well especially in your conscious Brain.  Its not until after you’ve chowed down the Big Mac Combo, or the pizza, or dessert or packet of biscuits until you start to regret it.  You know that moment when you say to your self, ooooooh why did I just do that?


You had no rules…….

Staying on the topic of immediate consequences, this brings me onto my biggest pet peeve, it actually leaves me a little sad knowing that is what actually happens…

Let me paint the picture.

Ok, so when someone completes an amazing transformation they should want to show it to the world right, and then motivate others who are in a similar boat to achieve similar things.

Well, that’s what id hoped.  But It’s actually quite different to that.

I don’t know about you, but when I see other people achieve things, I get extremely motivated myself.

The problem is this.

It doesn’t matter, who, what, and when we share someone’s amazing transformation, there is always someone who can not help themselves and have to look for a negative to point out.

It leaves me breathless sometimes when someone has just gone out there and achieved a life changing result, then all of a sudden some dickhead has to say something silly.  I won’t share any comments, but trust me- it is ridiculous.

Of course the hundreds of positive comments far out way the negatives, however I still want to make this point.

Why would someone, go out of the way to bring down another person?

Of course there is the Jealousy thing, the attention seeking thing and many other reasons but for the life of me I cannot believe some people.

My take away lesson here is this.

A Positive person looks for a Positive in a Negative


A Negative person looks for a Negative in a Positive.

Don’t put people down, don’t judge people, live and treat others how you want to be treated.

I am yet to meet a successful Negative person.

If you have taken the time to read this far, you are an absolute legend, why, well for starts, you actually had to endure, what some people will look at as my negative feedback towards negative people and for a part of it, they would be right.

But I can tell you this, the reason for this post is not to be negative towards negative people, it is to simply put a reminder out there to show others how lucky we actually are to live in Australia….

How lucky we are to have a nation of relatively nice people.

How lucky we are to be able to create a VIP group and help thousands of people, we otherwise would never have met.

How lucky we are to have roads, planes, trains, & boats.

But to top it of – how lucky we are to be able to have a CHOICE….

Its what you do with that choice however, that will determine your path your outcomes  & your lifestyle…

Remember this:

Negative Flows, Positive Energy Grows…..

To Positive Growth.

Brett Campbell


I would love to hear your feedback, please comment below.


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