The Effect of Abdominal Exercise on Abdominal Fat

Ok so this is going to be a pretty short yet sweet lesson on the effects of abdominal training on the actual development of your abdominals, also known as your 6 pack, 8 pack, 12 pack, and also known to many as a keg.

Lets just cut to the chase and lay down some hard facts.6pack

A study from the J Strength Cond Res 25(9): 2559-2564, 2011 on The effect of abdominal exercise on abdominal fat. Found the following:

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of abdominal exercises on abdominal fat.

I also think the point of this study was to look at the, “good ole myth” – that by doing hundreds of situps and crunches, you are going to be crunching your way to a sexy set of 6pack abs.

Twenty-four healthy, sedentary participants (14 men and 10 women), between 18 and 40 years, were randomly assigned to 1 of the following 2 groups: control group (CG) or abdominal exercise group (AG).

Anthropometrics, body composition, and abdominal muscular endurance were tested before and after training.

The AG performed 7 abdominal exercises, for 2 sets of 10 repetitions, on 5 d·wk−1 for 6 weeks.

The CG received no intervention, and all participants maintained an isocaloric (having similar caloric values) diet throughout the study.

Their findings will most likely shock many people.

There was no significant effect of abdominal exercises on body weight, body fat percentage, android fat percentage, android fat, abdominal circumference, abdominal skinfold and suprailiac skinfold measurements.

Six weeks of abdominal exercise training alone was not sufficient to reduce abdominal subcutaneous fat and other measures of body composition.

But lets look at the bright side Nevertheless; abdominal exercise training significantly improved muscular endurance to a greater extent than the CG.

DISCLAIMER: Dont get me wrong here. Abdominal training is very important in the overall scheme of things – but when it comes to directly burning body fat from the stomach it is not superior.

Now I don’t ever like to be the bearer of bad news, so I will now provide you with some different exercises that will help carve that stomach up in no time.

Exercises to combat stomach fat.abs

Burpees – overall body workout

Squats – same as burpees

Mountain Climbers – great cardio exercise and will help with stomach definition

Hanging leg raises – these are far more effective than the standard crunch

Circuit Training – this is more of a workout method as opposed to an exercise, but check it out.


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ref: J Strength Cond Res 25(9): 2559-2564, 2011

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