Private Online Coaching

I am proud to offer an innovative approach to coaching and training. For less than the cost of a personal training session with myself you now have access to me by becoming an online client (that means you dont have to put up with my singing outbursts and shit jokes) But what that does mean is that after an extensive assessment which will help both you and I ascertain exactly what your needs, goals and desires, we will then set upon a great quest (to take over the world) ok just your body to start with.

So If You Are Serious About Building Your Dream Body

Then its time to get started, as they say on gladiators, “gladiators are you ready” (you see my jokes are not that funny huh?) Along the way, I’ll teach you the methods of how to bring your sexy back (as JT would say) and of course the methods you need to keep it. Working on a monthly basis, you’ll have your diet and training program tailored specifically to you.

Please Note: This is not some cookie-cutter program from the latest magazine.

Each workout is YOUR workout. Every time you step into the gym, you will know exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it. No more guesswork, no more missed steps. Just personalized programming designed to lead you down a straight path. Each meal is YOUR meal. Ever have that moment of panic where you don’t know what to eat? You know you should be eating something healthy and physique friendly, but you’re not sure exactly how to make that happen at each meal. No longer. Instead of just handing you a sample diet to follow, I will educate you on how to make food choices, how to prepare the right foods the wrong way, and how to deal in those emergency situations where life gets in the way of your diet. You still get to live YOUR life. I’ve said it interviews, webcasts, blog posts, and articles: there is no point in having the body of your dreams if you have to shy away from parties, dates, holidays or any other social events. No one has more experience with this than I do. I live and breathe both fitness and fun. I will teach you how to live with a foot in each world: how to use the tools I’ll give you to live the life you want. Each month, you’ll be given a training program based on our assessment, and the previous months progress. Your meal plans will change depending on where you are relative to your goals. With constant E-mail support, I’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments and speed your progress along.

For more information on coaching, just fill out the form with some info, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.































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