Discover The Insider Secrets That Most Women Will NEVER Come Close To Learning For Building A Toned & Curvy Body Despite Your Age … Genetics, Confidence or Experience!

You are about to discover 6 insider secrets to unlocking your “true body transformation potential”.

But first let me explain what “True Body Transformation Potential” actually means.

It is the ability to start a journey and tackle any set back, defeat, directional change, obstacle that comes your way. It is the ability to learn and discover the true YOU, and to take these lessons and create the body, mind and lifestyle you truly deserve to live.

You see; a TRUE, body transformation is not just about exercise and nutrition.

There is a lot more to it! And that’s what you will uncover in the coming pages.

I want to start by busting a very common myth.

[You are lead to believe, that you need to lose fat to get healthy. Well in the coming pages, I am going to convince you that you need to get healthy to lose fat]

I am going to do this by unlocking 6 secrets that you MUST adhere to if you ever want to lose fat, build lean muscle, feel invigorated and ultimately FINALLY reach your true potential in life.

I can say with confidence, that what you are about to read is not, some basic eat 3 meals a day, walk 30 minutes and drink lots of water.

Now, that’s no secret and in fact that is now known as common knowledge - sweeping the world and silently hijacking people and their journey.

Ultimately setting them up for FAILURE! 

From the desk of Brett Campbell and Emily Sparkes:

HI There, I’m Brett and next to me is my beautiful partner Emily.BRETT

Together we are the creators of Fiit Chicks.

Fiit Chicks is a female only community with a mission to change the lives of 1 million females by 2020 on how to live a healthy, active and fulfilled life.

Together we have over 10 years experience working with individuals and transforming lives within the Health and Fitness Industry.

I have personally been a go to expert for fitness publications such as Oxygen, Fat Loss, and Ultra Fit magazines where I have published many articles on a variety of topics.

I have also coached and mentored hundreds of other Fitness Professionals from around the world.

We also have an in the trenches business where we have over 20 physical locations of our Fiit Chick Transformation program through out Australia.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because it is really important that you feel comfortable with the information I am about to share.

In the information age we live in, it is no longer hard to find an answer to a question we have. In fact it’s the complete opposite.

The problem that we face is ensuring the information we read or find is of top notch. And correct.

One thing you can expect from the report is that the information you read has been studied, researched and has been used on real people to achieve real results.

So without further ado.

Lets get stuck started with our first insider secret.

Insider Secret #1: What’s your WHY?

I get asked this question several times a day.WHY

Where do I start?

What’s the first step?

Before you even think about a specific goal or end result, you need to come face to face with the WHY!

Why do you actually want to lose 10kg?

Why do you want to gain 10kg?

Why do you want more energy?

Why do you want to be a size 10?

Why do you want to lose fat from your butt?

You see.

Until you can UNCOVER your real WHY and purpose…

You will never have enough motivation and determination to carry out your goal to completion.

Maybe you have been there before.

Started a desired goal, but for some reason or another you stopped and never achieved it?

The problem I see is this: People will begin their journey and possibly start to see some good results at the start. But as time goes on, and it becomes harder, or you simply hit a plateau - what are you supposed to do?

It feels that everything you are doing is no longer working…… WHY?

Funny you use that word.

It is at this exact time when your WHY (for doing this) becomes so important.

Be honest with yourself.

If your why is:

  • You can’t stand to look at yourself naked in the mirror anymore.
  • You look at yourself in a mirror at a certain angle and almost faint from what you see. (This was myself several years ago. And I never want to see or feel that way again!)
  • You’re sick and tired of people making jokes or rude remarks about the way you look.
  • You are sick of having to wear loose, baggy clothing to hide your rolls/muffin tops or lack of body shape.
  • You don’t have enough energy to keep up with your children and you are even more afraid that you won’t be around for them in the later years of life.
  • You have no love life because you are to embarrassed to approach the opposite sex in the fears of being judged or laughed at.
  • You feel like absolute crap. No energy, no libido, no motivation to do anything.

Now we could go on all day with different WHY’S, but the point I am making here is that everyone is different.

Everyone has a different WHY as to WHY they are embarking on this journey.

Above you have read my WHY, now what’s yours?

Unless: you can UNLOCK the power of the WHY. You are going to consistently struggle to ever achieve your dream body, dream lifestyle and you will lose your ability to live a long, happy and fulfilled life.

Ok, let me STOP there for a moment.

That sounds a bit deep right?

YES, I agree, it is deep but it needs to be. Otherwise you will never create the EMOTIONAL change you need to take action and get started.

After training and coaching thousands of individuals over the past years (myself included) on how to live the life you desire with the body to match.

I have discovered this.

YOU will never achieve anything unless you really KNOW WHY YOU WANT IT!

Task: Write down in exact details (as it sounds in your head) WHY you want to achieve ______(your desired goal).

Follow this up with: What will it really mean to me if I do achieve this goal?

Finally followed up by: What will my life end up looking like if I never start or achieve this goal?

Insider Secret #2: Find The Root cause

Have you ever been to the doctors and you’re in and out with prescription in hand in less than 10 minutes?

(I have left the 30 min waiting time out to keep the point more valid).

The prescription you have been given is simply an over priced Band-Aid.

Unfortunately most doctors only look at the symptoms and treat accordingly. They will give you something that can assist right now. But fail to look at how to avoid this happening again. (NOTE: this is not an attack on doctors, probably more the way in which the process is set up)

The ROOT CAUSE is the missing link.


Consider this: Have you ever thought that the reason for your sugar cravings may have come from the fact you only had 3-4 hours sleep last night?

Or maybe you actually don’t have a slow metabolism and you’re gut and liver are simply clogged up by chemical cocktails which are sitting in your gut.

Or the fact that the main reason you are holding excess belly fat is due to your cortisol levels being to high, due to multiple different stresses.

Nutritional Stress: Poor food choices

Physical Stress: Over training and wrong types and styles of training

Electromagnetic Stress: Excess exposure to certain light and rays

Chemical Stress: Excess exposure to chemicals found in body care products and chemicals and pesticides used on foods

Emotional Stress: How you handle your emotions

Ok, I am sure you get my point that STRESS no longer means you are just having a bad day. There is so much more to it.

But when it comes to finding the ROOT CAUSE you need to dig deeper and put your CSI hat and binoculars on.

If you uncover that your ROOT CAUSE is the FACT you only get 3-4 hours sleep a night.

There is no food or exercise plan under the sun that will give you the results you want.SLEEP

The topic of Sleep is a completely different book and set of research topics. But as it is SO VITAL in our quest for optimum performance I need to share this with you.

Lack of sleep will disrupt your HORMONES and play havoc on your ability to burn fat and build lean muscle.

This will leave you insulin resistant, craving sugary sweets and setting your body up for optimal fat storage mode.

Sleep is the most overlooked lifestyle factor that contributes to obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

T.S. Wiley writes in her book Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, Survival, that there are at least 10 different hormones, as well as many more neurotransmitters in the brain, that go sideways when you don’t get enough sleep”

And as we will discuss in a moment, losing fat has everything to do with your hormones.

It is important to know that during your sleep cycle, is when your body does its main repair work; not to dissimilar to you dropping your car off for a major service.

Tip: 6-8 Hours of quality sleep is ideal. Creating an ideal sleep environment with minimal electromagnetic stress frequencies is your ideal first step.

Yes - that means no Facebook or Instagram scrolling within 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

If you want to beat the bulge, you must reduce your exposure to computer, TV, or cell phone screens at night before bed because they decrease melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating quality sleep-wake cycles.

To throw another spanner in the works, human melatonin production decreases as a person ages. Making this even more important as we get older.

Whether your ROOT CAUSE is lack of quality sleep or not! Accessing your SLEEP patterns is a must for EVERYONE looking to operate at optimum levels. 

Circadian Rhythm – Your Natural Sleep Cycle


Insider Secret #3: Diets Will Make You Fat? We need to Understand Hormones!

I want to introduce you to a hormone called Leptin.

Leptin is a hormone responsible for keeping you from starving yourself and to monitor how much fat you have on board to remain healthy.


Leptin communicates with the Hypothalamus gland, which is found in your brain. Your Hypothalamus gland then communicates with your Thyroid and tells it to either speed up or slow down. Depending on what is happening with our fat stores.

Lets look at two specific cases. And let me explain why dieting SUCKS and why most people fail.

For the ease of remembering how this works, I will give each hormone a title. We will use MR. (Disclaimer: hormones are not either a Mr, Miss or Mrs!)

Scenario #1: When someone embarks on a calorie restricted diet fat stores drop considerably.

MR Leptin then gives Mr Hypothalamus a call to let him know we have a problem. And we need to preserve fat to be used as energy when needed.

MR Hypothalums tells Mr Thyroid to slow down your metabolism and to increase your appetite. So we can return to normal as soon as possible.

The last thing our body wants when you are restricting calories is to have a fast metabolism and to feel hungry.

Your body simply switches into survival mode.

Remember your body does not know that you are on a fancy new diet, and that you would like to lose a few kilos and be a size 12.

Your body has one role only.

To survive!

Now when the famine breaks and your new fancy diet is over.


This is why 90% of dieters regain all of their lost weight.

Your body feels like it has just been through a famine, and it doesn’t want to go through that process again.

Your fat stores are now crying out to be filled adequately. And so this process takes place.

So you guessed it.

Those extra new calories you start to consume are going to be stored straight into your fat stores as insurance in case this happens again..

As your fat stores get replenished, Mr Leptin will rise again and call Mr Hypothalamus, who calls Mr Thyroid so we can now normalise your metabolism and appetite.

Remember Mr Leptin is responsible for keeping you from starving yourself and to monitor how much fat you have on board to remain healthy. And that’s exactly what he has done.

You can’t outsmart Mr Leptin, he is as smart as Mr Google, he will always have an answer. (Round of applause for Mr Leptin)

This process has been referred to as the starvation defence system. As you go on and off diets, time and time again, your body can see a diet coming a mile away.

So when you eventually regain what was lost, it will store a little extra for some insurance in case this happens again. Making you fatter than when you first started.

You just need to look at the TV shows like the biggest loser for this to make sense.

Here is scenario #2: Which really displays how cool Mr Leptin can be if you treat him nicely.

Lets say on Saturday night I decide to eat a full family sized pizza and a litre of ice cream.

Que Mr

Mr Letpin will see this and call Mr Hypothalums, who then tells Mr Thyroid to speed my metabolism and decrease my appetite, so that I can get my fat stores back to normal again.

This is why you do not need to cut out all your favourites when embarking on a body transformational journey.

The key is to know when to hold em and know when to fold em.

The word I will use here is MODERATION.

But when Mr Leptin is abused too many times, with constant pizza after pizza, and cake after cake and so on.

Mr Hypothalamus gets fed up with Mr Leptin ringing and he becomes Mr Leptin resistant. He isn’t answering the call!

This is a great time to use the “You Blocked Me On Facebook” song analogy.

My Hypothalums has blocked Mr Leptin…..

Enter the DANGER ZONE!

When the brain become Leptin resistant it thinks it is dealing with a thin person with low fat stores and low Leptin levels.

So what does it do?

Yes, you guessed it. It tells your metabolism to slow down and increase hunger.

A slow metabolism and increased appetite is the last things you want when you are already overeating.

Lets throw in another player.

When Mr Leptin is low or resistant. The hormone Mr Cortisol skyrockets.grehlin

Mr Cortisol is a catabolic fat storing, muscle wasting hormone. (He is not very good)

Reduced amounts of Mr Leptin also trigger a stomach hormone Mr Ghrelin.

Mr Ghrelin is responsible for increasing your appetite.

And to make matters worse Mr Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is also out on the hunt.

This hormone is responsible for the cravings of Carbohydrates CHO. (And not the good types of CHO). The type of CHO that drives up Mr Insulin.

Mr Insulin is the main hormone responsible for the accumulation of fat.


Sounds like a hormone party that you never want to attend.

Lets recap so you can gain a better understanding of exactly what happens.

You go on a calorie-restricted diet…. Then -

  • Mr Leptin declines due to reduced fat stores, or when Mr Hypothalumus has had enough of the abuse of bad foods.
  • Low levels of Mr Leptin inhibit Mr Thyroid from being able to keep your metabolism humming along. Therefore resulting in a slow metabolism.
  • Low Levels of Mr Leptin will increase Mr Cortisol, which stores fat and burns muscle.
  • Low Levels of Mr Leptin increases Mr NPY, which makes you crave bad CHO.
  • Low levels of Mr Leptin will increase Mr Ghrelin, which increases your appetite, making you constantly hungry.

Then what happens?

  • Your slow metabolism will decrease your energy levels. Stopping you from exercising (only because we feel lazy).
  • You will also feel like eating for two or maybe three. And will begin to overeat.
  • It’s at this stage you will admit defeat as you have failed your fat loss program.
  • Due to the fact you have been restricting calories, your body will store the extra calories now consumed, as much needed collateral - in case you try and do this again.
  • At some stage you will decide to embark on another wiz bang diet.
  • Then you will be back to square one. The Yo Yo effect will take place.

This, my friends is why diets will make you fat.

The majority of diets are either.

  1. Unachievable
  2. Unrealistic
  3. Based off hype and not scientific facts
  4. More of a marketing program than a nutritional one
  5. Down right ridiculous 



Insider Secret #4: Stop Eating Foods That MR Leptin Doesn’t Like And Start Eating, Real Foods! 

Now I am not going to spend a lot of time on this one. I simply could not do the topic of nutrition justice in this report.

In fact I am simply going to give you a list of foods that we highly recommend.

Lets keep it simple!

In the Fiit Chick VIP Members area we cover the Nutritional topic in more depth. We also have example meal plans available for you to use as a guide.


  • Whole Organic, Free Range eggs
  • Free Range Chicken, Duck, Pheasant (white and dark meat)
  • Free Range Turkey (white and dark meat)
  • Grass Fed Beef, Buffalo, Lamb, Venison
  • All Wild fish
  • Raw almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, filberts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds
  • Raw Nut Butters from the above mentioned nuts

Fruits and Vegetables

  • All vegetables, spinach, avocados, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, asparagus. Sweet potatoes – best consumed after exercise, to help replenish CHO stores
  • All fruits (try use fresh fruit, limit dried or canned)

Can be used at each meaL 

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold pressed)
  • Butter (no margarine or any other fake butter)
  • Coconut Oil (Organic, Extra Virgin) 
  • All Spices
  • Only Celtic Sea Salt (no other salt is permitted)
  • Herbal Teas
  • Water: 0.33ml per kg of bodyweight. ie: 100kg person will consume 3.3 liters of water per day

Ok so I bet your first question is where is my wheat and grains?

And this is where the nutritional debate starts to takes place.

Dieticians have pounded into our skulls that grains are a preferred source of fibre. My good friend and world renowned nutritional expert Sean Croxton agrees with me that this is hogwash and simply a way to sell more grains.

Fruits and vegetables have plenty of fibre in them, far superior to what grains can ever offer you.

But as always. I am a big fan on letting your body tell the story.

Remember this?

We all have a different WHY!

We all have a different ROOT CAUSE!

And if you guessed where I am heading with this…. We all have different reactions to different foods

Most grains contain gluten, which a large portion of the population is intolerant of, or at the least, sensitive to. Meaning your body cannot properly digest and breakdown the grains.

So here is what I suggest.

Try going 7 days without grains. Then on the 8th day have a meal or two that involve grains. Then see what your body is telling you.

Studies show that by eating a diet containing high in grains is associated with a greater risk of having a heart attack than eating a diet high in fat.

In fact the New England Journal of Medicine recently declared that grains are the cause of 55 diseases. 

Insider Secret #5: Stop Exercising Aimlessly!

When it comes to exercise there are many variables and techniques you can use to carve a toned, curvy body.

  • Setsstopexercising
  • Reps
  • Rest
  • Duration
  • Tempo
  • Exercise selection
  • Supersets
  • Tri sets
  • Circuits
  • Negatives
  • Funky Equipment
  • Sprint Training vs Cardio

And many many more…

And that right there is where the problem lies.

It’s like being thrown into the middle of the amazon jungle and to be told to find your own way out.

Except in this case the only animal like creature, we need to avoid are the ones in the gym 🙂

Inside the Fiit Chick VIP Members area we have several different workout systems and specific workouts you can choose from.

Lets look at a couple of key concepts on how to achieve the best possible results from your workouts.

Concept #1: No time for chitter chatter

I see this far to often, people standing around, talking about what they did in the weekend, or what they are going to be doing in the weekend, and never concentrating on their workout.

Because they don’t have a WHY?

What this leads to is - ineffective rest periods! And let me tell you why this is sabotaging workouts all around the world. 

Quick Hormone Lesson!

When it comes to losing body fat GH - Growth Hormone (fountain of youth) is what we are after. Many elite body builders actually buy the after market GH and inject it, due to its amazing results.

GH however is naturally secreted in our own bodies, and we do NOT need to resort to those extreme measures, we simply just need to learn how to manipulate this hormone so we can reap the rewards it brings.

By manipulating our REST periods we can illicit more GH. (Applause for Mr GH)

So instead of resting for 2+ minutes and engaging in a dialogue about how Sarah is now dating Jeff from work.

I would suggest opting for a minimum 30-45 sec rest period. That’s right. So you do 1 set, rest for 30 seconds then move onto the next.

Not only will this speed up your entire workout. It will speed up your entire fat burning system. (Double whammy)

Concept #2: Choosing The Right Exercises!

Just because you turn up to a gym or boot camp or even your living room & put on your gym gear and new running shoes, I am sorry to say, that does not constitute a workout.

In order to maximize, your true workout potential, you need to combine all of these 5 strategies together. It’s sort of like captainplanetcaptain planet, when he announces, “by your powers combined I am captain planet”… WOW, that’s a trip through memory lane.

When it comes to fat loss, exercise selection is very high up there on the Fat Loss Hierarchy.

In fact, exercise selection can be the make or break of your workout.

That is why you must use the two best training modalities available.

Training Modality #1: Resistance training; also known as weights or body weight training.

This method of training is superior if you are looking to BURN FAT and build LEAN SEXY, CURVY MUSCLE

When you are designing your workouts, be sure to use exercises that give you the best bang for your buck. ie: instead of doing a seated leg extension, chose one of the dozens of squat variations you have available.

The two most popular squats are the back squat and the front squat. Both are great exercises for fat loss and body development.


Follow the Method of: The More Muscles you Use, The More Fat You Lose 

Training Modality #2: Use Sprint Training!

You can use a protocol like this one used in a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning. It consisted of 6x 35m sprints at maximum effort with a 10-second recovery between each sprint. Performed, 2x per week.

Or another protocol used in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. As little as 3 HIIT sessions per week, involving 10 min of intense exercise within a time commitment of 30 min per session - including warm-up, recovery between intervals and cool down. This has been shown to improve aerobic capacity, skeletal muscle oxidative capacity, fat loss, exercise tolerance and markers of disease risk after only a few weeks in both healthy individuals and people with cardio metabolic disorders.

Some studies have even found up to a 9x greater fat loss response by using sprint training VS continuous training.

The landmark study in interval training was from Tremblay. This study pitted 20 weeks of aerobic endurance training against 15 weeks of interval training:

Energy cost of Aerobic endurance training = 28661 calories Energy cost of interval training = 13614 calories (less than half)

The interval training group, showed a nine times greater loss in subcutaneous fat than the endurance group (long continuous exercise at a moderate pace)

WOW, did you read that correct. Calorie for calorie, the interval-training group lost nine times more fat, and overall.

Here is another reason why sprint training literally kicks arse against long cardio.

Another study from the Journal of Sports Nutrition showed that 2 minutes of sprint training had comparable results to that of 30 minutes continuous cardio.

DISCLAIMER: the 2 minutes of sprint training is done at maximum effort, not at the same effort as long slow cardio.

Ok enough of the studies, I think you get the point.

Here is a sprint training progression that you could use.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to warm up correctly when doing any form of sprint training to avoid injury.

Here is an example sprint training session you could use, I actually used this one fairly frequently.

  • 45 seconds RPE = 5/10
  • 15 seconds RPE = 10/10 meaning go as hard as you can

Repeat this for 7 Minutes and you are done.

This is a great way to finish off a workout.

Oh, I almost forgot. RPE stands for rate of perceived exertion. So a 5/10 means that you only feel 50% of the way there. A 10/10 means you are giving everything you have and can give no more.

As you can see we haven’t even scratched the surface here on the topic of exercising.

But before we move on I want to share two more very important strategies that 98% of people do not follow. Yet these strategies are SUPER CRUCIAL when it comes to ACHIEVING the body of your dreams!

Count your tempo: Using controlled tempo variations are a fantastic way to speed up results, break plateaus and to massively increase your strength gains. (So why would, you not want to right?)

A good starting tempo is 4010.

This mean in a squat you will lower yourself to the ground in 4 seconds, no rest at the bottom, 1 second to rise, no rest at the top, then repeat.

This means it has just taken you 5 seconds to complete a single repetition.

Be sure to count the seconds in your head.

You will be very surprised at what your normal default speed is if you do not count.

Understand what TUT means: Your desired out come will determine your set TUT (time under tension). This means how long (in seconds) your muscles will be under tension throughout a particular set.

When your goal is fat loss and lean muscle growth your TUT needs to be between 40-60 seconds.

So if you were using the 4010 tempo per rep, which equals 5 seconds per rep.

Your total amount of reps for the set will be between 8-12 reps.

(LIGHT BULB) Yes, that is why most people use the 8-12 rep range. It is based on the TUT.

And that is why it is very important to back that up with the right tempo. As mentioned earlier.

Imagine if it only took you 3 seconds total to complete one repetition and you were only doing 8 reps?

That’s a total of only 24 seconds to complete your set? You are well outside your desired TUT range of 40-60 seconds.

This is why it is so important to Avoid Working Out Aimlessly.

Insider Secret #6: You Need A Coach!

This is generally the hardest yet most PROFOUND point to get across to anyone.coaching

But for the people who do embrace this and engage in its power, they are the people who will have the most profound outcomes in all areas of life.

Successful sportsmen and women have a coach!

Successful business people have a coach!

A coach has a coach!

Dogs that can do backflips and walk on a tight rope have a coach!

I am sure you get my point here, right?

In order to succeed you need someone in your corner.

Imagine being a boxer and at the end of your round, you have to go sit down in the corner on a little wooden seat all by yourself.

Not very motivationally right?

Well lucky for you, you are not in a boxing match.

And lucky for you, you no longer need to search for your coach.


Because WE want to be your coach, if you’ll let us?

YUP! That’s right.

We want to be in your corner every step of the way.

So Join Emily and Myself along with the hundreds of other FiiT Chick VIP members Today!

Let us guide you on your journey.

Through the highs, the lows and everything in between.

We want to help you finally achieve the body and lifestyle of your dreams.

Here is how we can make this happen!



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