How To Lose Fat Fast And Safely

Wowza, yes that is a word, i think?

So i am back today with another short video, where i have interviews my 8 and 7 year old nephews, on How to lose fat fast and safely.

I asked them questions such as:

What is the best speed to workout out at for best fat loss results?

What is the best muscle group to work?

What is the best rest periods to use?

and a couple of others…

Now let me tell you some of the answers are very, very funny, Wow you have got to love kids and the way their minds work.

I even asked them for their best fat loss tips…..hahaha

Don’t worry, i do explain the correct answers to the above questions, so although this video has comical purpose, you can really learn a thing or 3 about achieving faster fat loss.

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