fiit chick vip member

Below you will see a list of the many different products and services that you will receive with the FiiT Chick VIP Membership.

Bikini Body Shape Up Online Workout System

Build the Sexy Bikini Body you truly desire, in the comfort of your own home..

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint

This system will have you dropping unwanted body fat in only 21 days, some people have lost up to 14kg in only 21 days.

Circuit Protocols

Your complete Bikini Body Shaping System. Scientifically designed workouts that will have you in the best shape of your life.


Fiit Chick Supplements

Discover what supplements you need to be taking to achieve your dream body. Fiit Chick supplements source only the best quality ingredients and even better provide great quality prices.

Fiit Workout Challenges

How Would You Like To Burn More Fat In Less Time Than Ever Before, With Scientifically Proven Methods That Are Fun, Time Efficient But Best Of All They Actually Work?


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