Imagine If For 7 Days You Could Escape The Everyday Grind, The Stress, The Frustrations, The Deadlines, To Finally Spend Some Much Needed Quality Time On The Most Important Thing In The World – YOU.

But whats even better is, being able to spend 7 days, in a beautiful 5 star location, surrounded by lush, dense jungle rain forest with the pure cleansing fresh air, in the magical Ubud Bali.

fiit chick retreat Bali

Imagine learning strategies that will not only totally transform you physically, but more importantly transform you mentally. You will totally change the way you look at every day life, for the BETTER.

Imagine yourself again being able to have the power to rebalance and connect with yourself again, but not only that, learn ways to avoid the dreaded self sabotage.

If any of what I have just said sound like you, then by the end of this video, you are going to be given the exact vehicle and the exact steps on how to get there.

My friends I really want to make a big point here.

What I am going to reveal to you is NOT a PARTY trip!

Of course there is going to be a lot of fun, but it will not be a party all night, and sleep all day affair.

I also want to let you know that this is not going to be some silent retreat where you attend for 7 days and you don’t say a word, and all you do is sit there..

Quite the opposite, this is going to be a hands on experience…

I must warn you now however, that this will be a life changing event…

So if you are 100% happy with your life and don’t think there could be any improvements, then this experience is not for you.

But first, let me tell you a little about ourselves and why you would want to listen to usbrett and emily

My name is Brett Campbell & this is my beautiful partner Emily & together we will be your hosts for the Fiit Chick Retreat. 

Emily & I will be taking you on a journey for positive change. 

6 years ago, I was stuck in a bit of a rut. I was confused, and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. I always knew I wanted to do something great, but never knew what. I wanted to teach people how to live a happy successful life, but there was one issue – I wasn’t doing that myself!

I guess its like having and English teacher who can’t speak a word of English. Not to good huh?

So it was at that time I began a journey on what some would call, personal improvement. Basically I wanted to become the best version of myself, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way..

In the last 6 years, I have personally invested over $150 000 into my education, personal & business development, to become who I am today.  I am far from perfect, well not to far, don’t be hard on yourself Brett, see I still talk in 3rd person, maybe I need to work at that.  Anyhow, I am not saying this to impress anyone, I am saying this because over the 7 days you spend with us, I will be revealing the top strategies & techniques that I use regularly, which enables me to run not 1, but 2 different companies. But more importantly, how I now live a happy fulfilled life, and how you can to! I cant even explain how excited I am to be sharing this information with you.

I can guarantee you this event is like no other.

Its filled with:

  • Fun
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Amazing educational workshops
  • Fitness 
  • Yoga
  • Beautiful food
  • Friendships
  • Personal development
  • And don’t forget – body treatments & massages
  • Peace and quiet

You will learn key strategies to:

  • Achieve peak performance in your business/ workplace and personal life
  • Creating a lifestyle you can only imagine
  • Have direction and accelerate achieving your goals this year
  • Get clarity in your business and career goals so you can make 2013 the best year for you financially & emotionaly 

And of course something else, that is an absolutely amazing opportunity.

We are huge believers in giving back, that is why you will get to experience with us, something that you couldn’t anywhere else.

 We also visit the local village school, and give back to the children, check this out. Imagine being there and experiencing this first hand.

Here is an image of our close friends and location co-ordinators, doing just that…

The smiles you see on these children’s faces will be worth the whole trip itself. 

school visit

Ok so I think I have displayed how amazing this opportunity will be, but check out these images.

The Lobby

fiit chick retreats bali


View Down To The Pool

fiit chick retreats Bali


Our Own Private Restaurant 

fiitchick retreats bali


Private Jacuzzi With Breathtaking Views

Fiit Chick retreats bali

And Lets not forget…

Yoga & Workshop Facilites


(no one was harmed in the taking of this photo) 


Now Lets look at 10 reasons why you WILL NOT want to miss the FiiT Chick Bali Retreat.


Reason#1 – it will be totally life changing. As I mentioned earlier, we will be conducting certain workshops that will have a profound effect on you.

Reason #2 – the backdrop is literally breathtaking, take alook at the images we have on this page, you will be absolutely amazed.

Reason #3 – you will meet 20 other like minded individuals, all looking to create positive change in their lives, oh yes, that’s right, there is only 20 spots available. Imagine the friendships you will form, the connections you will make. Do you even know 20 positive like-minded people? Well you will shortly!

Reason #4 – participate in something you would not get the chance to do otherwise, visit the local village school, meet the children, give them a book and pencil, and see how there eyes light up, its amazing

Reason #5 – pamper yourself. YES, this event will not be all about workshops and work, far from it, of course there will be a small amount of work, but you will also get to enjoy the full spa facilities, and of course the amazing cold water pool.

Reason #6 – we will be working out! NOW don’t go running for the hills here, save it for the trip. No, the workouts will be light and educational, we want to teach you some amazing training techniques so you can take them home with you.

Reason #7 – YOU NEED TO STOP. There, I said it. Personally I couldn’t think of a better time of the year to STOP: rebalance and to focus on the remainder of the year.

Reason #8 – you will not leave unless you have had a break through of some sort. I PROMISE you this, if you do not have a breakthrough, I will literally take you & go rough and live with the monkeys until you do! It may be massive, or it may be small. But I can guarantee you this, if you are open to change, then change is a coming.

Reason #9 – you can experience this life changing event with a friend. Yes, if you know someone that you would love to share this experience with, then we would highly suggest you take advantage of the twin share option.

Reason #10 – come and meet us. We are so excited to finally meet the FiiT Chick family. To finally meet in person, I assure you this, my jokes don’t get any better in person, but it wont stop me trying.

Who Is The FiiT Chick Bali Retreat For?


  • The person who doesn’t want to sit in front of their computer wishing they had gone to bed earlier last night, or had a holiday coming up.
  • The person who is currently stressed or dissatisfied with their level of Health, Fitness and Motivation & need this well deserved break.
  • The person wanting to give back & express gratitude to the community of magical Ubud, while truly making a difference to many children & families lives.
  • The person who wants to wake up to breathtaking views of the mountains & jungle, before wandering down to the fresh water stream for a swim.
  • The person who wants to meet like minded individuals.
  • The person who wants to learn proven strategies on how to get more out of life and finally live the life you deserve.


Lets take a look at everything you receive:


  • Amazing Welcome (cant reveal to much)
  • 6 nights stay at Deluxe Spa Villa
  • Express VIP Transfer from Airport to FiiT Chick Retreats
  • 7 Days of our Tailored “Schedule“ for complete Balance
  • All Meals Inc Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea & Dinner grown and picked from our Onsite organic Farm
  • A plate of tropical fruit (replaced Daily)
  • Unlimited Filtered Mineral Water for the duration of your stay
  • Daily Supply of Coffee and Tea
  • Daily Housekeeping Service and Nightly Turn down Service
  • Balinese Blessing at hotel temple as opening ceremony
  • 3 points Spa treatments and Pampering Package – you’ll love this. You can choose from a wide variety of different treatments
  • X2 90 min Yoga Sessions inc complete yoga equipment
  • Use our Yoga pavilion outside of Schedule for personal practice or relaxation
  • Use of our health and well-being facilities.
  • Pool, Gym, Hot Jacuzzi and Herbal steam bathroom in Spa pavilion
  • X1 90 Min Nature Walks with Balinese Guide
  • Personal Development & Goal Setting Workshops – Simply Life Changing
  • Life Changing Experience Community Visit – You will never experience this anywhere else
  • Learn how to make Jamu – Natural Energy Drink
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Farewell Buffet Dinner
  • Farewell Balinese Dance and Closing Ceremony
  • Luscious room amenities including guest robes, slippers & hairdryers
  • Unlimited Internet connection (Wi-Fi) at the restaurant and lobby – we would encourage you to limit this, but great to check in at home if you need to.
  • X2 Daily Transport to Ubud according the schedule
  • 3x Educational FiiT Chick Fitness Classes – we will teach you exactly what you need to be doing so you can incorporate the latest fat burning strategies into your workouts when you arrive home
  • FiiT Chick Tshirt
  • Make life long friends

    + Loads More Amazing, Activities & Opportunities. 

So lets take a look at the finer details, so you can find out exactly how to secure your spot Today!

You will arrive in Bali on the 15 July and you will depart the 21 July. 6 nights & 7 days. We would highly recommend you do whatever you can to make these days available.

You will need to book your flight as this is not included in the FiiT Chick Retreat Package, we will however assist you and provide you with the best options available.

So you’re probably wondering what an experience like this will cost.

Lets go through it as there are a couple of different options available.

Like we mentioned earlier there are only 20 spots available, this is an all inclusive holiday, your meals, transport, every thing is included.

In fact if you will not have to open your handbag once after you leave Australia.

Lets look at the accommodation & how it works.

There are different levels of accommodation to help suit your budget.

Superior Room

superior room 

Deluxe Room

The deluxe is as it says. Comes with private Jacuzzi and spa treatment facilities, how cool is that? get the therapists coming to you – Now that’s living.

Also for anyone who does take the deluxe single opportunity, will also receive what we call our FiiT Chick Deluxe upgrade. You will receive 2 extra Spa Treatments on us.

Deluxe Room Images 

If you choose the single room option you will enjoy a King sized bed all to yourself, however if you choose the twin option and decide to share with a friend, or possibly a FiiT Chick you haven’t met yet, you will a receive king single bed each.

Both rooms styles come complete with a private veranda, with stunning views of the mountains, valleys and the tropical rainforest.

fiit chick retreats Bali Views

Lets Look At The Total Investment

Soldout(please note that flights are the only thing not included, we can however advise you on the best options)

(Due to the nature of this event, it will be tax deductible, check the FAQ below for more info)


Ok I am In, What do I do now?

Get in now while the rooms are available, these will go fast.

Simply click the – Secure Your Spot Now Button – and fill out the form provided. We will then CONFIRM if your room option is still available.

You will then be required to pay a $200 non-refundable deposit, which will secure your spot. It is a first in first serve basis.

Once you have secured your spot, you can choose your preferred room option.

We will then provide you with further information and instructions.


We understand this may not be for everyone.

That is why we have created an easy to get started payment option, so you can pay weekly instalments instead of a lump sum payment. We can discuss this option in further detail with you.

We want to try & make this opportunity available for anyone, and we understand that this amount of money can be hard to come across in a simple one off transaction.

That is the exact reason why we have d/d payment options available. We will work with you and your budget to come up with a plan to suit you.

Don’t let the investment stand in your way of this amazing opportunity.

But I have more questions?

How is this tax deductible?

Your investment in this retreat could be fully tax-deductible and depends on your personal circumstances. I will be teaching you key strategies that I have used myself in my business and personal life to achieve success and wellbeing. Please consult with your accountant to see if you can make this retreat fully tax deductible as business or work-related.

What are the dates?

You will leave Australia on the 15th July 2013 and return on the 21st. Of course you could stay on longer and extend your ticket.

I want to stay in Bali longer and see other parts can I do that?

Of course, last year Emily and I went and seen many different places, each providing a unique experience, if you are interested in other areas in Bali, we can help you get this organized.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course you can. It is totally up to you. If you do, you can certainly take advantage of the heavily discounted options.

Are flights included?

NO, we can assist you in finding flights, however flights are not included. 

Will we be exercising?

Yes, moderately, and not everyday. We will be teaching you a heap of workout strategies that you can implement into your every day routine.

Will there be time to RELAX?

What type of retreat would this be without relaxation? There will be plenty of FREE time where you can choose to do what ever you want.

Visit the local markets, visit the rice fields, read a book, swim, climb a tree, hang out with cool people, you name it.

What type of food will we eat?

The menu is simply amazing. We cater for Vegans, Vegetarians, however we can discuss this in the next step of the process. 


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