Facebook Q & A – 24/1/13

Brett Campbell
For all the ladies who are at home, slacking off at work, having a sick day, on their iPhone or anything else:

25 Min Q & A….

Questions based only around MINDSET… come out, come out where-ever you are…
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Brett Campbell mmmmm, interesting…..?
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Ashleigh Shields Topic was interesting! You either have, or need it don’t you!
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Brett Campbell Instead of doing nothing i will provide some links of usfull info instead.

1- Is the water we drink ok?



2- What body fat should you be?



3- Nice little ab circuit



4- Workout Challenge – Do it!



5- Hot of the press!



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Brett Campbell It is the most unwanted topic of all, but the most powerful by far…. Ashleigh Shields :0
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Ashleigh Shields Yes yes it is? or no one is at home? no one slacking off at work? no one sick? and the telcos networks have gone down?
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Amanda Neilsen Brett!! ok – i dont know if this qill qualify! but how do i get around the MINDSET of eating more to lose weight! this is something i really struggle with because i know i need to do it but when i do i feel like ive eaten too much! so then i try cut back again! Also because i feel like i eat more than my friends/colleagues etc! i dont even know if there is a question in there, but a statement none the less LOL
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Kristi Rose How do I change my thinking to actually go do *something*. I know I should exercise more, I know I should eat better… but there is something holding me back from actually taking action!
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Brett Campbell Thanks for having a crack Amanda Neilsen, if i am reading this correctly, you feel like you eat to much?

A couple of things i got from this:

1- you are comparing yourself to others, run your own race, your body will tell you what to do, we just need…See More
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Cheryl Greenway I am having trouble with a 1200 cal obsession. Alot of days i burn 500-1400 cals just in workouts. So i guess my mindset is stuck with fear of eating too much.
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Brett Campbell Great Question Kristi Rose

First thing first is uncovering what that is, under every feeling, thought, or action there is an underlying reason for doing it.

Some reasons may include:

Scared of actually achieving the result

Scared of failing and feeling like a failure in front of people

There is not a bigger enough reason to do it (this is key)

If you do not have a burning desire that is going to get you up out of the chair to succeed then it is going to be tough, very tough.

For me, i constantly remind myself of why i am doing what i am doing, why i want to achieve my goals, who will it help, & how will that help me.

The mind is far more powerful than anything out there, even SURI, i know thats hard to believe, but it is.

Once you can connect with your inner self and find the reason, why you want, then you will get.

Be honest with yourself –

Answers such as, oh i am lazy, i just cant be bothered… thats just code for, im just trying to cover something up.

I hope this helps in any way
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Kristi Rose Thanks Brett … it’s probably I am scared of failing (again). I have done the lose weight/put it back on several times now, and don’t want to do that again, I guess I think its easier to just stay as I am.. although I am reaching a point where I am really not comfortable with myself so that is a motivating factor.
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Brett Campbell Cheryl Greenway I am not a fan of counting calories, i believe it can set many people up for failure, its like giving apple trying to explain to us how the inner workings of an iPhone work and how data gets transferred, see- gone already – i am a believer in keeping it simple.
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Soph Flewitt Brett , why do i lack motivation to exercise? i want to loose weight , i eat healthy, i drink water but cannot find motivation to exercise for the life of me !
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Brett Campbell Awesome Kristi Rose – as i said, once that desire is at a certain level you will do whatever it is you want to do.

Always remember tho, you only fail when you give up…. doing it time after time just gives you more evidence of not how to do it.

Course correct and try another method.
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Cheryl Greenway Yea i get you brett…to be honest it does do my head in! I have an idea of what is good and bad so i will just stick to the good and keep it simple WITHOUT the calorie counting…thanks
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Brett Campbell Its amazing the 25 min Q & A takes 30min to kick off, lol, Love it…. Keep em coming, ill have to give myself some overtime
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Louise Van Zeyl how do i change my mentality that my 30-45 min workout is benifiting me more than those who slog it out for an hour and a half (which i could NEVER imagine doing – i get bored way to easily and also couldnt go at the intensity that i do for that long)
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Brett Campbell Soph Flewitt why do you lack motivation to exercise?

Ask your self this question 10 times, and write down the answer that first pops into your head, keep asking and writing until you find the answer, you will know when you have it
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Brett Campbell Awesome Cheryl Greenway  simple is best
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Brett Campbell Louise Van Zeyl

Firstly i would stop comparing myself to others, i gave up long ago worrying if i was doing it wrong, or if the person next to me was doing it wrong..

The only way i guess you could change is by seeing proof, stick to your 30 min schedule, get results, then BAM- you cant hide for the truth….

I keep my workouts below 45 always….
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Soph Flewitt prob cause i have no friends to exercise with
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Brett Campbell ok ladies, late lunch time for me… thank-you for contributing.

Todays takeaway point

RUN YOUR OWN RACE – Stop comparing yourself to others, you will sabotage your progress and never be happy with yourself.
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Brett Campbell Sorry Soph Flewitt i am going to play bad cop- i dont believe that to be the reason.

I see that as a small roadblock that you could overcome.

You dont need anyone, Yes it would be easier, but you can do it by yourself.

I cant tell you how many training parters i have had over the time, and to be honest there is really only a couple that actually helped me out, others just held me back.
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Brett Campbell Do the exercise Soph Flewitt and let me know how you go
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Amanda Neilsen thanks for your words of wisdom Brett Campbell ! ill be sure to take them on board!
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Karen McKeown I like your takeaway point Brett Campbell! Works for me  I wasn’t at home (at physio like a good girl getting my hip right!) or slacking at work so just dropped in!
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