Episode 7: How to love the life you live!

95% of people will never ask themselves this life changing question, WILL YOU?

In this episode Brett takes the time to answer a question that is so often overlooked in life, yet if it can be answered truthfully, it would have such a PROFOUND impact on your life.

He talks about:

  • How to love the life you live
  • The 3 key questions you can ask yourself that is guaranteed to give you the answers to WHY?
  • Practical exercises that have been used to TOTALLY transform peoples lives (but you must do them to see the effects)

and a few more very important points that you do not want to miss.

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Episode 7: How to love the life you live!

Transcript of EPISODE 7:

Hello, welcome to another episode of the Fiitchick podcast. I am your host Brett Campbell and todays episode is based on a question so yesterday previous to recording this obviously, I was asked the  question via  QnA so we did a QnA in our private Facebook group and one of the questions popped up was what would be the best way to get motivated passionate live life in general. I should over the moon and so motivated with what I have achieved so far and what I still have to achieve but motivation is an issue.

When I read that question, I actually feel like a forward to swing around my head, because I had a little light ball moment now the light ball is based upon that this is a topic that so often overlooked. We get too called up, with what we doing in our day to day processes, getting up, going to work, doing the same thing called in the loop of suckiness is, I called as rather.  So we called it as loop of suckiness because the loop of suckiness, what it does, is sucks it out all of our positive energy.  Now, what I am going to do is, I want to go through and reveal to you and provide you with the prices that all you lost on a consistent basis and a prices that you lost with personal coaching clients as well and I want you to be able to really take this particular process and really give it a crack and give it an implemented into what you are currently doing now. The great thing about listening to these episodes is that you can, you know, listen on a walk, while you are working, you could be walking a dog or dog could be walking you, whatever the pins of the dog is, pugs that little ones and they certainly don’t have much weight. But, what I am saying is, you can get called up again by just listening to this and the true power and what we are about to do is the actually doing of this particular process.

Okay! For me, personally I think, if you ask a right question, you will find a right answers to anything. Okay, in regards to the topic today that we want to look at is, how or what are the best ways for you to get motivated and actually passionate with your life. So, I want to ask you three questions and in these three questions I believe if you answer truthfully, will give you the answers to what you want.

The first question and again, I really, really really want you to be able to answer this questions, ok, even if you happy with your life right now, I really want you to answer this question and write them down on paper because the impact would be profound, I tell you 100%.

The first question is, what is your why in life? Ok so let’s think about it for a moment. What is your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you go to work? Why do you do the things you do? Why do you hang around the people you are currently hanging around?

Now, the first and professional answer to that would be “I like to get up and go to work because I need money to support my family”. Ok, your next question “I drop the kids to school because I want to educate them so they need to be educated. I go to the gym because; I got to be fit and healthy Now those are here at Fiit professional for the first time, you going to be putting down this, but you really want know what is your why. Why are you put on this planet?  Ok, now, deep down everyone knows this answer. The problem with this question can be is that, people don’t allow themselves, ok, we are going to talk about this more consistently. People don’t allow themselves to stop what they doing and really find out the actual answer to this. Ok… so what is your why in life?

What gets you up in the morning? So what is that, that gets you up, that would get you motivated to do the things that you want to do in life, lot of things you do, because thats just part of your current structure. Ok.

Another question is, if money wasn’t an issue, ok; let’s wait for the magic run and you finally found that money tree at your backyard, that your mother was always talking about and you went out there and there was heap of money, you never had to worry about money again. Ask yourself this question, what would you be doing with your days? And what would your day look like? This is where, everything comes back to design, ok, when someone wants to get fit and healthy they follow a program designed. When someone wants to live a meaningful life, you know what, you need to have a program designed, and you need to design your life. Ok, you can’t just sit there and go through everyday life and expect to live such a wonderful prosperous life where, you know the end of those days, you going to look back and ahhh!! I didn’t regret anything. You need to design your life, ok? So if money wasn’t an issue, ask yourself what would you be doing of your days? How would you spend your days? Would you be still working, for example myself, you know most people go out  on constant from holidays, I couldn’t do that because I like to go for holidays  and I like being at home at times,  I also like going out playing golf.  I also like to learn and educate myself. So you need to ask what you would be doing with your days.

Third question is, are you currently living in congruent with your highest values, so first of all this is a two part question there. The first part is understanding what values actually means, it’s what you value in life, ok, what’s your highest value, so for example if you got children, you know you would heart-fully say that your children are your highest values. Hence, the reason if your child gets sick you stay at home from work or you do what you need to do, other things off because that’s where you’re highest  value lies, ok. So you can say lot of relationships breakup because the partner’s values don’t line up, ok, so let’s just make an example up.

Person A is in love with their work so they work 50, 60, 70, 80hrs a week, they always at the office it’s because work is actually currently highest on their values. Now, if you ask him a question and you go, what is your highest value, they go about “my family” and you say what are you living congruent with that? Your past history of being at work for 50, 60, 70hrs a week doesn’t make your values congruent, ok so I asked this question a lot is if family is highest on your values list, when was the last time you picked up the phone and just rang a family member just to say Hi.. now because you need them to look after your children or you need them to look after your dog. When was the last time, you actually picked up the phone and said, hi? Ok, so it’s not on to twist I am asking these questions of yourselves that you can finally come to some sort of revolution or an answer, even just taking that first step, so if we look at the congruency, are you living congruent with your highest values? So if health and fitness is highest on your values that you are out of weight, out of shape, and you don’t go to the gym at all. Then it’s clearly you are not being congruent with that, so you need to look at it and what I will do is, create an exercise here for you, get a piece of paper out and right the current roles that you currently have in life as well, because I want you to write down the current roles you have.. so if you are mother, you are father , if you are partner, you are friend, so you have friends, write down about 4 or 5 different roles you play. Now, ofcouse, you know if you are super mom, you probably go to thousand different roles, you know you could be at PTA in the school, you could be soccer coach, football coach, and a polo coach, so write down 3 or 4 even 5 roles that you currently play and write down under each of those roles, what does each of these role entitles? Ok then look at it. Then what we want do is, we want to look at our values, now this is a two part exercise, we going to go on another page and you going to write what do you value? So do you value friendships? Do you value love? Do you value wealth? money? So for some people who are really entrepreneur, they value challenge, they value the learning, the lessons that they get along. For people who value just money, they just, what they do everything in their everyday life is based around just trying to get that extra dollar…. So you really need to look at this, you need to see if your values stuck up with what you actually, what actually is happening in your life. An example is, I get people do an exercise and we will talk about this in our further episodes, but the most powerful question, the most powerful statement that I can put you to really get you into a process to see if you are actually living congruent with your highest goals or your highest values is this.

Imagine you have just died, sorry to bear the pain of just passed away, ok, and it’s your day of your funeral, and you are lying there in the coffin looking all beautiful and your mother walks up to the podium to speak to give you eulogy. Now, what do you want your mother to say? What do you want the words to come out of her mouth? What do you want them to be? Now with most people when they do this exercise they had some really profound moments. Because, what it does is, it quickly identifies that you are not living congruent with your highest values. Do the exercise based on your mother, do the exercise based on your partner if you have, do the exercise based on your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend. What would you want them to say? Now for an example, if your partner gets up and they go, you want them to say, he was a loving partner, and was there for me anytime needed them they were my rock, they did everything for me to help me be the best person I can be, now if that’s what they want to say as your eulogy, just need to smack back into it and think am I actually doing things that would want someone to say that. Ok, Very very profound, and again that exercise you could go through wholeness of people, you could go through all of your friends; you could go through everyone you know if you really want them to make an impact. Ok, because at the end of the day, it does not matter how much money you have, how many friends you have, what your achievements are in life, what rewards and awards you have won, etc if you are not living in life with your highest values, because it doesn’t mean anything.

If money doesn’t mean anything to you, that’s fine, but don’t be in the search for money, ok. If your highest value is love and give back to communities etc. Are you giving back to communities right now? And then it goes back to the, this is where 90% people are getting stuck, ok.. so once you identify that you know what, I would like to get up, I would like to do this type of job, I would like to wear these type of clothes, I would like hang out with these type of people, these type of friends that I would like. You need a program and design it. But once you have designed your program, that’s just a start, its like the movie “the secret” right? If you haven’t seen, it’s about the thinking that you would get type of process, you know put it out there to the world and it will happen. Well, let me tell you it won’t happen, you need to put it out to the world, but you need to make it happen, ok, you need to ask yourself some more questions, because we know the better the question, the better the answer is. So you need to ask yourself, what do I do, where do I do it? How do I do it? Who do I do it with? Right you can see it then, who, what, when, where, how, just ask yourself these questions whenever you are stuck on something. Because, what would happen is, you will find an answer. If you ask yourself in your head, what do I do? It’s really easy just go out & know, I just leave it and continue on living the life that you currently living. But, if you stop and you take a moment out of your day to write these questions and write the answers down truthfully , then and only then you will able to find what path you need to take. You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and this is where it comes into how do you overcome these obstacles, ok, because, what can happen is, it all comes down to our self limiting beliefs. I have written an article on the I can’t principle, ok, I even given it a title I can’t, so it’s a principle of people who say I can’t do this, I can’t do that, there is certain questions once again you need to ask yourself, that can help you overcome this particular obstacle. So need to ask yourself if you’re stuck with something like I just can’t do it, you need to go, is this an actual truth? Is this a truth or it’s just my default response to something that I continually run away from or stay away from. You look at what actual facts though I have to back this up? So if you got, I can’t go to the gym because I worked too many hours. I said why not, is that true, can you go to the gym in the middle of the night? Can you go and more so, someone might be sitting there listen to this, will say, come-on Brett is no why I can’t go to the gym in the middle of the night, and I need to tell you yes you can, if your schedule persists of that and that’s what happening and your highest values you need to go to the gym and you are sitting and saying I can’t, you need to do whatever you can do to make this happen. Ok. So, I am going to leave it there on that because again these topics can send us on, send myself especially on many different tangents and I could sit here for hours and talk about this, but I really want to hammer home the point here and going back to the original question of what would be the best way to get motivated and passionate in life, ok.

So, let’s sum that up, the best way to get motivated and passionate in life in general in my opinion is you need to find out why you are put on this earth? What is it you love to do? What could you do that would get you up at 3 O’clock every morning and just be full of energy? What you are prepared to go without to have this particular thing? And if money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing? and of course the final question is, are you living congruent with your highest values. So, my friends if you can take the exercise that we have talked about today and you can implement them, then I can tell you there is nothing going to stop you, the only thing that is holding you back from what you have decided for yourself.

Have a fantastic, day, morning evening whenever you listen to this and I really want to hear about what you have discovered or what you have found, so if you can share with me, write a comment on the iTune podcasts, I would love to hear your feedback on anything profound that you have found throughout this session.

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