Episode 6: Reflection

In this short episode Brett takes the time whilst sitting in traffic to discuss the topic of REFLECTION.

He talks about:

  • Why REFLECTION is super important in all areas of your life. Only if you want to improve.
  • Why you should not drive and record a podcast.
  • Where to start with REFLECTION.

and a few more very important point that you do not want to miss.

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Episode 6: Reflection

Transcript of EPISODE 6:

Hello and welcome to another FiiT Chick podcast. I am Brett Campbell and today I am riding solo. Literally actually I am riding solo in the car. So I am on my way to actually pick up my vehicle from the shop. They have service done on it and I thought what a better way to utilize my time? Then I came up with a very impromptu podcast that you can listen to and hopefully you can get some great takeaways.

I actually really have no set plan on what I am going to be talking about. So whatever pops into my head first will be what I am talking about. So, I guess it’s very important to myself that every year I always reflect on… to say without Campbell, I didn’t even really know what I was going to be talking about. So I am going to be talking about reflection.

Now this may sound like a very boring topic and you may be thinking when I am going to be switching on to the next podcast with a better topic or a better content etc. But I will tell you what, if you stick with me for the next few minutes, it’s not going to be a long, because I am nearly there to pick up car.

But if you stick with me I am sure you are going to get something good out of it. So let’s talk about reflection.

Reflection is something that is far too often missed by an individual. Now, I will put my hand up and first let you get of it.. It’s something that I am going to do or not, I wished to do it more but I know its advert. Whenever you going to do something and you know it’s so good and you just loving and you get amazing results but we don’t do it often enough.

Yeah!! I guess its lot of exercises and you know that when you are doing it, you loving it and you getting great results. Put you into the state of flow, into the design what you may call it, but the issue is regarding the design.

Now an example of this may be, let’s say you have got some friends or family members that you actually adore and every time you talk to them you just love it and it’s so refreshing, but you know you hold them enough and you say them hello.. Because you get too bored often because you are right or not; what is called we hold on every word.

But to be honest, I will say that it’s just an excuse for me if I got failed into featuring you. That to me is a block is really to flourish really isn’t it, now we work hard that we do have or we choose what we want to do and if it’s to call someone up or not to call someone up. You can actually make a decision believe it or not, that is within your power. Now running a lot service is not in your power but I will tell you what; bringing someone and getting on the phone and then launching a program is within your power. Now looking back to the topic of reflection, now reflection is something that, when I was you the individual to be able to get a gauze of where you are currently at and also where you have currently came from, because what can happen again is we get too bored often and what’s going and where we are now, we completely forget about the past. We hear people saying that we don’t think about the past and live in the now, which I am 100% agreeable to that, but we also need to take a moment to reflect on the past. Because without past there is no present so we need to see from where we have come from and what you have been generally.. so whenever I am coaching someone and an individual  whether its personal coaching professional or business coaching professional or whatever may be, even in a fitness coaching session. What I often find is that someone may say, “I just have a fuel of improving and haven’t lost, let me use fitness as an example, “I haven’t lost that much weight; I just, I should better get a flat tummy”.

Hi, look just check in a minute; let’s actually see what fact is there. You know, it’s that whole thing is about facts and fiction and words are remembered like a personally signed cheque book and acts as a fiction and what happen is we live in such a fictional world and you know it’s made up of our own laws to ourselves.. But actually speaking about the fact and in my way to be better to improvise, I got my body fat tested somewhere last month and I was say 7 inch of body fat.

Then I got more careful… what is it 4 inch and body fats. Well you have lost 3% of the body fat. But you still fell flat, and you still feel floppy oh, but what you are missing is the progression that has had.

So that’s very important to reflect on where you have come from, reflect on, you look into topics to look at reflecting on, let me throw out a few at where you are now.. so it’s good towards reflect on your relationships, so whether it’s your partner and the intimate partner your valuable children, your parents, you name it any one that has; you have personal relationship with. You want to reflect on your career goals so may be its you run your own business, may be you just check on what type of business strategy you have, if you are working in a job someone you call as the head of your job, you may be shifting a job going all the way from your city in a company which is limited to be more potential earning as a salaried person.

Now, what’s that is a large element of person that, now there is always ways to break that cycle. Now that’s probably for total amount of podcast, but I would say that if you are sitting there doing a job and you are not happy or haven’t had any progression, what I would say, as an employer, I would say “start making some progressions, use things outside the box that will make your employer look at you and say “wow!! That you have some great progression there, may be you do an extra work for free but not ask for any extra award on me and front end of it and suddenly your boss say “Jimmy now if you have a boss called jimmy who counts on you I would call your boss jimmy if he is not jimmy of course I would say Philip. You are going to say, jimmy look last month more products even the output of the work has been XYZ, there is 15% increase. Now I would just like to sit down and chat you about XYZ may be of the payrolls, may be you want to make some time off, whatever it is there is always a way to make it happen. So again, now to sum-up here are some points. Reflection is a capable point if you want to move forward. Okay!! Because you don’t know what is ahead of it, you don’t know what happened like how that makes sense. Because, of Fiit chick camp I don’t get time actually, I am trying to reflect on that, but maybe there are big holes in the podcast and may be they do not sound interesting to listen to.

So I will leave you with that and if you want to hear any more of these crazy shows yet I would like to say and informative pieces, leave me a message at the bottom of this audio/Fiit chick form. Leave me a message of what you would like to hear about, may be a particular topic or may be a couple of quick questions, let me know and I will be more than happy to answer it the next time I am in my car, driving..So I will leave you at that; remember, as the saying goes value the present and it’s more than enough and I am heading in the corner, can I say this so that am using headset so I am not sure whether it’s working and wanted to say “If you have failed to plan, you are planning to fail”. So here we go and add it and on that note you have a fantastic day.. be safe, bye.


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