Episode 3: Brett & Emily Campbell answer the IMPORTANT Questions

In this Fiit Chick Podcast episode Brett & Emily answer a series of FAQ’s

These questions were asked by the AWESOME Fiit Chicks within the VIP Facebook group.

Questions such as:

  • How to train your mind?
  • What to do when you hit a funk or receive tragic news ?
  • How are you managing working in an office and not at home?
  • What to do when you reach a stage where its harder to get further results?
  • What are good combinations of muscle groups on weight training day?

and many more.

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Episode 3: Brett & Emily Campbell answer the IMPORTANT Questions

Transcript of EPISODE 3:


Hello and welcome to the next episode of the Fiit Chick podcast. Today I’m you’re host Brett Campbell.

Emily: And, Emily Sparks today.

Brett: Yes, we have Emily Sparks on the podcast with us today very exciting to have you on board and Emily, welcome.

Emily: It’s exciting to be here.

Brett: Welcome to my office, it’s a Friday afternoon two-thirty p.m. and what better thing to do than, be able to get stuck in and answer some questions that you lovely Fiit Chicks have been asking. I guess there is a couple of things I would just like to touch on first of all is as you know in the past couple of episodes we have talked about how to overcome road blocks and how to step out of your comfort zone and do things that make you uncomfortable, because it’s clear that when you make yourself uncomfortable it’s those times that you have those major breakthroughs.

I would like to personally put a note out there that this is Emily’s first ever podcast recording for like, most people the biggest fear in life is actually public speaking. Clearly it’s not my biggest fear at the end of the day I could speak my way out of a paper bag and I’m sure my mum would agree with that, but I guess that thing I’m trying to get through this has taken Emily a lot to get on board and to start the recordings. She’s sitting here really nervous and twiddling her fingers, and look there is no better way to break the nerves than by facing them head on, so yeah good on you for having a crack today Emily.

Emily: Yep.

Brett: I guess a couple of things I just want to report on before we stuck into all of these awesome questions with even more awesome answers we just want to give you a quick recap of where we are with the HQ at the moment. We have got many new locations coming on board for our Fiit Chick Transformation program, and you will notice them popping up everywhere on facebook or even in your in email inbox, so take a look at that and head on over to Fiittransformations.com.au and go see if there is a location near you. We have also just released as of recording this podcast a couple of days ago the new Fiit Chick singlet, so head on over to the brand new Fiit shop, so that’s Fiitshop.com.au, so check that out and go and check all the specials we have on there for you.

Without further ado let’s get stuck straight into the first question and we are going – there are a fair few questions on here, and as we know the first thirty minutes you know the sessions go for about thirty minutes and we are going to try our best to answer all of these questions. Now, they may not be as in depth as they deserve however; what we can also do is always remember we will direct you to more information and that may to be go check out the Fiitchick.com.au website for more articles etc., or even jump into the VIP facebook group and do a search on certain things. If that does pop up through the questions we will direct you to there to just save a little bit of time.

Let’s get stuck into the first question. The first question we will have is from Hanna Wilson what is going on Hanna? The first question is how to train your mind? What do you do when you read all that that will annoy you I guess? What to do when you have a phone call or receive tragic news? How are you mananging working in an office and not a home? There are three questions in that and I will knock off the first one on how to train your mind, because that’s I guess an area of specialty for myself.
I guess training your mind is very similar to training your body first of all you need to have a goal, and we talk about goals in everything we do whether it’s a product and in the last podcast I know myself, and Shauna were talking about you need to set yourself goals, and I guess training your mind is like training your body. If you want to lose weight you will have to set a goal to lose five kilos in five weeks. To train your mind you need to set yourself a target of, “I want to become better in a certain area” so an example may be, “I want to become a better public speaker” so let’s use Emily’s example. Emily wants to break her comfort zone and get out there and be able to answer questions and help everyone in a different format versus the written word, because as we know…

Emily: It’s a lot easier.

Brett: Yeah, it’s a lot easier to sit there and write an answer, but when you’re talking you are actually communicate on a totally different level and you know sometimes everyone learns from a totally different perspective. If I go to have you train your mind again the first step you need is to have a specific goal, so an example for me is I have stopped biting my nails I used to bit my nails terrible I used to hate it.

Emily: You’re doing well.

Brett: Because you know I used to bite them and all of a sudden you would see blood and it wasn’t a good thing. What I did was train my mind that every time I went to go in and have a bit of my nail is a thing I call the “Gap” and it’s a moment that you have the thought and you actually create the actions, so there is a bit of lag time in between that that you can make a conscious decision whether or not to go and follow through with it. I trained myself to every time I would go to go bite my nail I would pinch myself really hard and it got to a point where I didn’t want to pinch myself anymore, so I haven’t bitten my nails in the last couple of months. Now, I think I’m addicted to a nail file.

Emily: I’ve actually lost my nail files because he’s taken them funny enough it’s a true story.

Brett: Yeah, yeah it’s nothing but the truth here I’m actually holding my nail file right now as we talk, so I hope that answers your question mate. Emily you can answer the – what’s the next one there?

Emily: What do you do when you get a phone call or receive tragic news? Well, actually I actually received some really tragic news last week or the week before actually. My great Nana passed away and it was a bit of a shock to our family the first funeral I’ve ever been to, but in saying that I don’t think you can ever be prepared for tragic news. I don’t think you should beat yourself up if you aren’t prepared with food or you miss your training session I think it’s just a good thing to lean towards your support network, and grieve or take as long as it needs to be for you to grieve and get over it.

Brett: I couldn’t agree more with that in regards to you know the whole grieving thing and I could go probably a lot more into depth with this, and I know I’ll just mark some down, and take some notes, because there is a session that I run and it’s all about expression and suppression of emotions. If you suppress your emotions all you’re doing is suppressing them enough till they explode and that could be whether it’s sadness, anger, fear any of those, and there are ways you can go through the emotions of expression.

For an example grieving is an expression of an emotion, and it’s really, really – something that I highly recommend people do and an example if we use the funeral that we went to the other week is someone on Emily’s family was an elderly person and their reaction to it was don’t cry hold it together, don’t cry type of thing. For me it was like, just reassuring Emily and everyone that looked, it’s okay to express your emotion, because at the end of the day everyone has their own reasons why they don’t want to express or suppress. I guess if we, cover-off on that it’s take it as it comes and deal with it, it’s just like riding a wave you know you just need to ride it and it will take its path.

Emily: You can’t be prepared for things like that so don’t beat yourself up about it hon.

Brett: Cool, so how are you managing working in an office and not at home?

Emily: Good question.

Brett: Away you go Emily you’re on a roll.

Emily: I have to say that the hardest thing I found since moving from the home office to the work place or the work office is getting back into a routine with preparing food. I don’t have the luxury of a kitchen and been able to cook all of my foods at every meal I actually have to do it all in preparation like everyone else that goes to work each day. It’s back to basics with getting food prepared and all that type of stuff and it’s been a little harder with time managing as well, because your actually driving to an office now it’s not just walking on the stairs, but overall it’s been good to be able to separate the home environment and the work space and been able to come home from the office and actually relax, and switch off as opposed to knowing that the computer is upstairs and we can hit the emails or check the forum or fan page.

Brett:  For me I guess instead of been home working late I’m just at the office working late, so the only thing that’s changed is the drive to and from work no, but I definitely recommend that if someone is self-employed your working for yourself and you work from home, even if you start from choosing a day where you go, “You know what I  want to go and work at the library or I’m going to work at a coffee shop” or something like that just to split up the routine it’s always good for you. There you go you have three and one there Hanna good on you. The next question we have Christine Lucinda and the question is what do you do when you reach a stage where it’s harder to get further results?

I guess my opinion on that is you know there is always a cycle so what I mean is whenever you start off training you will notice the first few weeks or months you are going to see some really good results then all of a sudden you will taper off. What that does it just called progression, right, so your body will always go through a progression stage and it’s always going to need further stimuli to be able to get to the next level. That works also on a mental capacity, so once your mental capacity has reached a certain level you need to then push yourself to go to the next level.

I use an analogy with all of my coaching clients is that; we all swim in certain swimming pool so let’s imagine we are all gold fish swimming around in a pool and there is a massive farm with thousands of different swimming pools. Each swimming pool you will notice there are different size fish in each one and what you want to do is the smaller fish is always going, “Hey how do I become a bigger fish?” and the answer to that is, “Well come and simply jump into my swimming pool and we will be able to…” just by been around that type of people you will progress to that next level.

I use an analogy with all of my coaching clients is that; we all swim in certain swimming pool so let’s imagine we are all gold fish swimming around in a pool and there is a massive farm with thousands of different swimming pools. Each swimming pool you will notice there are different size fish in each one and what you want to do is the smaller fish is always going, “Hey how do I become a bigger fish?” and the answer to that is, “Well come and simply jump into my swimming pool and we will be able to…” just by been around that type of people you will progress to that next level.

Emily: Or some research, research is always good if you don’t have money for personal trainers or nutritionist it is always good to do some research don’t take the first add of your, go back do some research and it’s also about experimenting to see what works for your body, because again, like Brett said everyone is different so, yeah.

Brett: The next one on the list is Brett Campbell – great questions ladies, yeah that’s what I said great questions. The next one we have…Alexander Craig how are you doing Alex?

Emily: Abigail.

Brett: Yep, from Barely Fiit Chicks right there. How to stay motivated and not give up? I think that’s probably you know I guess it’s a bit of a mixture of what we have talked about so far and you know how to stay motivated. Basically for me how I stay motivated doing everything that I do is you need to have a clear goal it’s as simple as that. If you don’t have a clear goal or a image where you’d like to be whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally in your relationships you know and say, “Well how do you stay motivated and stay with your partner” you just need to look at new ways to spice it up you know.

Maybe buy the Karma-sutra book or something like that I’ll get everyone to talk about that, but again, Alex you just need to have goals and as easy as that sounds and when people say, “Yeah, you need a goal” there are actually just a few little tips I’ll give you right now that could really emphasize that, and it’s not even just about having just the end goal you need to have small goals. Whether you’re someone who works on daily goals, weekly, or monthly goals you need to decide what is best for you.

For me as a person with my personality type I would work on mostly hourly goals, so I’d go okay, “What am I doing for the next hour I need to do this, this and this” whilst I still have an end in mind I still need to have the smaller step to get to that. It could be as simple as breaking up your end goal into smaller achievable goals, because as you know when you achieve you’re to do list or task for the day you just feel pumped and motivated.

Emily: I would have to say it’s definitely the small goals you need to look at because, obviously creating goals – for myself we had the “Fiit Chick Retreat” which was in July, so I had something to work towards and then we went to Fiji a couple of weeks ago for a wedding and that was something to work towards. To be honest right now I’m in a stage where I don’t actually have any goals at the moment and I have relaxed a bit with my diet, and not so much my training because I do enjoy training, but my diet is definitely become a little more relaxed, and it’s those goals you always need to have in play and always look at the big picture to be able to achieve them and stay on track that’s how I look at it now.

Brett: Cool Al.

Emily: Except she’s not done.

Brett: Yeah, that’s right. We have Chrissie Peacock Allen excellent. I’ve got a question for you Chrissie is your middle name Peacock? I’m not sure if I’ve asked you that before, so Chrissie I may have already asked you that.  I must say Chrissie you have a very cool photo as your thing.

Emily: I think that was on a request from me I asked her to put it up again, because it makes me smile every time I see it.

Brett: Okay, cool excellent. Chrissie your question was supplements and their purpose in training? I guess if we look at supplements as an over view are supplements for everyone and does everyone need them? No, they don’t. Will they help you and can they aide you with your goals? One hundred percent yes and that’s why you will look at what we offer with the Fiit supplement range and at the moment we just really offer the core basic fundamentals and that’s a protein, a branch-change, and acetylcarnitine because they have their core usage. Let’s look at protein for example basically protein is – basically protein is…

Emily: It’s a must.

Brett: It would be my first choice of supplement because it’s all for repairing damaged muscle tissue whilst you train and if you’re training then I definitely recommend protein supplements, why? Because it actually gets into your blood stream and releases a lot quicker and it helps repair the system. An example is you wouldn’t go training and then walk out of the gym munching on a chicken breast it’s just going to take longer to digest and your body has that – they talk about a window of opportunity to get in the most amount of absorption of protein etc, and that is where I say post-training is the number one.

For a protein shake if you’re going to have protein shake as well throughout the day by all means that’s cool as a snack if you needed to. Don’t substitute it as a meal though it’s not the best, but is it better than nothing one hundred percent, yes. Branch-chains are just a pure form of protein really; they are the building blocks the main amino-acids that help with muscle growth repair and a whole heap of other things. If you actually look in the VIP forum and even put in the search bar “supplements” you will notice I’ve written a fair few articles in there and replies to posts that talk about the benefit of that. Acetylcarnitine again, it’s great it’s pre-training…

Emily: But, not a…

Brett: Majority, yeah.

Emily: It’s not a pre-work out supplement as people think.

Brett: Yeah, that’s a great point it’s not a pre-work out supplement, but you have to have a pre-work out, because what it does is it actually acts as a transporter as fat to the muscles to be used as energy. I guess how I explain it acetylcarnitine is just a truck and what it’s going to do is it’s going to pick up your fat and drop it off at the tip and that’s the benefit of acetylcarnitine as well.

But, look that’s a quick snap shot of supplements and I think what we may do in the future episodes we may do a definite podcast just on supplements and can get really in depth. There are some really interesting things on how it affects your hormones and that type of stuff as well. Chrissie again, snuck another one in there weights versus cardio, so Emily what are your thoughts on weights versus cardio?

Emily: I’m definitely more into weights I’ve seen better results and I put my hand up I used to be a cardio girl back when I first started training at the gym.

Brett: Until she met me.

Emily: I definitely think that weights are more beneficial as opposed to cardio. Do I go cardio? Yes I still do it. I always do my cardio first thing in the morning before I eat anything, and I do this because your blood sugar levels are at their lowest and its prime time for burning fat. Then I do four weight sessions a week and if I have some serious goals I’m working towards then I’ll bump it up to five or six. With cardio what you do there and then is what you’re burning with weight training you are burning fat up to seventy-two hours after your session.  It’s your choice what to do, but I can see what is clearer when that…

Brett: Sorry I was filing my nails.

Emily: You come back and he’s filing his nails.

Brett: Just playing around so yeah, again, I’m a big fan of weights and you will notice I’ve written articles on weights versus cardio versus interval-training and the hierarchy goes weight training, internal training, and cardio especially for fat loss. If you wanted to train for a marathon I wouldn’t recommend you be doing heaps of weights you would be doing cardio.

Emily: Yep.

Brett: Again, it comes down to your own basis.

Emily: And, goals yeah, definitely. All right next question we have Geraldine McGill. What are the combinations of muscle groups on my training day? Biceps and back and calves on day and triceps and shoulder are next and just chest and legs, etc, etc. All right I’ll hand it to Brett.

Brett: Geraldine I guess when it comes to training there are so many different variables we need to look at and if you haven’t listened to episode one yet where I talk about eight critical components that you need when creating your own workout program after this episode go back and listen to it I put some pretty good information into that one. But, if you were to look at a combination – let’s look at a thing called “agonist” “antagonist” now that’s basically opposing muscle groups.

There are actually studies out there that have been proven to show that working agonist, antagonist groups will give you more benefit than working two of the same muscle groups. What I mean by that as an example is, let’s say you were going to do a torso workout, so you’re going to do chest and back now, chest and back are opposing muscles because you have front and back. Biceps and triceps is an agonist, antagonist, so they are opposing muscles, so triceps and shoulders basically, if you’re going to use a triceps shoulder breakdown you are actually utilizing your triceps a lot throughout your chest workout.

It’s really important to know why you’re actually doing it. What I see at lot is I see people of people just you know and you hear, “What are you training today?” oh, “I’m doing chest or “I’m doing back.” If you’re just talking to guys it’s just shoulders and chest and they don’t do leg, but, again if you’re going to look at doing legs you keep legs totally to its, own regime. Let’s say your question was you had three days to work out throughout the week what would the split be for me you‘d be doing chest/back, you’d be doing legs/abbs, and then you would be doing shoulders/triceps/biceps that would be my initial first look at your programming.

Legs itself you need to look at as well it’s not just squats and leg press you need to look at the opposing muscles there, agonist, antagonist is like quads/hamstrings, you know calves and your tibialis anterior, so those are all opposing muscle groups. It’s really important to understand why your actually doing it like that to start with and if you have five days to train you could split it up a little bit further you know, and if you wanted to have an arms day you could have an arms day of course and take that out of shoulders and do shoulders by itself.

There really isn’t no exact, “What should you be doing?’ each trainer or person out there have a lot of different opinions on modalities of how to create a program and so forth, but the biggest then I say though is you need to have a progression based program so it’s not just your going to do this, this day and that day, and you’re going to do that for the next six months or twelve months you need to make sure your progressing. As mentioned earlier in the last question about when you hit a plateau you know again, changing combinations, and changing different modalities, implementing super-sets, strip-sets, negative-sets a whole heap of things, so that would be the answer to that thank you Geraldine. All right Emily one for you, Tracey asks if I’m eating one hundred percent clean is it still in my best interest health wise to monitor my fat, sugar, carb, intake etc?

Emily: Well, personally I can say that I have never tracked any of those things before obviously I’m aware of what I’m eating, but if you’re eating a hundred percent clean Tracey I don’t think that you should be worried about what your are consuming in regards to health foods. In saying that it comes down to your goals as well if your training for a competition then by all means you would be calculating everything and monitoring what you’re eating. Yeah, I personally don’t think that you need to be monitoring what you’re eating especially if it’s all clean like, I said and it’s all about balance to.

Brett: Excellent, yeah like Emily said I guess a hundred percent clean means really there is no sugar, yeah, obviously you are going to have fats, but again, fats need to be good fats. I sent out an email this morning actually about that and you will notice that good fats you know what can you have well, avocados there is olive oil, coconut oil all that type of stuff none of that bad saturated deep fried fats that is definitely not in the list of foods we would recommend. For me you know I’ve been training for geez coming up on seventeen years now, and I’ve never once counted a calorie and never once counted how many grams of something I’m getting in.

Now, am I aware of roughly what I’m getting, “Yeah, of course” but you would be very surprised anyone out there who can give you nutritional program and say, “If you eat this sausage and you this cabbage or lettuce or this salad it’s going to give you this many calories” because at the end of the day the quality of food these days – there are so many variables out there no one, and I’d really like to see if anyone can provide an exact caloric diet, and put that meal in front of me and assure me that is how many calories it is. It really comes back to just watching what you eat.

Emily: On saying that those Apps that are out there like, “Fitness How” those types of things does concern me, because people put certain foods in there saying that they can’t believe this is this much calorie, and then they start to fret about what they are consuming even though it’s clean…I do worry about those Apps because it puts people in a little bit of a rut I think, because I don’t know how accurate they really are.

Brett: Yeah, it’s just about been aware that it’s a guide a guide only and don’t look at it as gospel, so cool next one. Chrissie you have a simile face well simile face right back at you, and then Chrissie has another one. You’re on a roll today Chrissie, deciding on realistic goals?  For me deciding on realistic goals it really does come down to where you’re at currently in your life and really I think the underlying thing on what will decide whether or not they are realistic goals is, first you need to look at what are your goals based on? I run a session based on finding your values and if you’re living with your congruent with your current values you need to make sure you’re choosing goals that are based on that for starters.

When you say realistic you just need to look at it and go, “What is possible out there? What has been achieved?” but don’t always let that be your cap be that person, and have that mindset of why can’t I be the person that goes and achieves something ridiculous. So, you know the four minute mile when that was broken you know it was a record that was held for years, and years and soon as it was broken that year there was about twelve different records set for it, because what it had done was it just gave people the mindset of, “Actually it is possible you know” so hopefully that answers your question there, Chrissie.

Emily: All right next we have Sarah…..

Brett: What’s up Sarah Fiit Chicks so long… shout out?

Emily: What is a typical day of fruit and exercise wise for Brett and me?

Brett: It actually says both yourself and Emily.

Emily: Well it sounded funny if I was actually to say it myself then…

Brett:Fair enough way you go.

Emily:  All right so, in regards to exercise I did mention it before at the moment I currently do four weight sessions a week and I try and get out six to seven cardio sessions. In saying cardio it is only low impact, so cross-trainer or incline-walking. In regards to eating Monday to Friday and sometimes a Sunday is always clean. I eat protein in my big meal and then I’m also having two to three snacks throughout the day, and Saturday I like to call it my treat day I don’t like to call it a cheat, so it’s my treat day, and I consume whatever I like and I don’t feel guilty for it.

Brett: She does.

Emily: No I don’t.

Brett: No I said you do consume.

Emily: Yes, anything I want, yeah, so that’s pretty much my training and eating Sarah.

Brett: You probably don’t want to know about mine to be honest.

Emily: She does because she asked.

Brett: Your right she probably does okay fair enough good question. Again, this is really dependent on where I am at in regards to my journey. Now, currently I guess you know a big focus for me is building Fiit Chicks International and making it become Australia’s number one fitness brand out there. Why I say that is because I guess my values at the moment have not been as strict as they usually would be when it comes to training.

I’m actually going through a thing right now that I’m testing and you will hear more about it later – it’s fasting so I’m taking a little bit of an approach there I’m looking at which I actually finding some pretty interesting stuff about, but usually it would be the same as Emily because Emily prepares it she’s a gem like that, so I’d eat what she eats maybe a little bit more. On a Saturday again, we just like to have – what Emily said in regard to a cheat day I think that’s really important as well that a cheat day basically sends a message to your mind that your actually cheating yourself which is not what you’re doing we are just having a treat, so that is something really good to take out of this as well calling it a treat day. Not just going, “I’ll have a treat day again today and look here is another treat day I’ll have a treat meal now or I’ll substitute that one for this day” like, just be cool with it and again, it will change based on where you are at based on your journeys.

All right we have a few more questions I know the episode now we are actually over thirty minutes – it’s funny Emily said at the start, “Does it have to go thirty minutes?” as if it wouldn’t take that long and I said, “You will be surprised” we are probably half way through so let’s just keep going on we have a few more minutes here and we will snap through these questions. So, Natalie says, “Maybe something on how you need carb, protein, split, and timing of food intake pre-post training, nutrition or info?” Now, either way I’m excited to hear what you have come up with. Well, Natalie we are excited to share this with you so if we were to give you a quick snap shot – we have probably talked about you know the split of timing you know carb and protein split.

To be honest the key things you need to look at is making sure you are having protein at most meals. Protein is the building-blocks protein creates deity which is keeping you full for longer. I have written an article on all of that in regards to the hormones based around that, and what it can does actually is protein can actually what it does it releases a certain hormones which then sends a signal to your brain telling you your not as hungry and tells you, you are full which is what people need.

When you eat a high carbohydrate based diet it really breaks down your blood stream really and releases insulin, cortisol, and so on and so forth. What it does is you feel like you’re hungry a couple of hours later again that is because the food has gone straight through and broken down into your blood stream, so you need to have protein and make sure your eating your fats as well. Don’t be scared of the oils and that type of stuff just stay away from the bad saturated you know the deep fried fats. Pre-imposed training nutrition, so again, we have written about that a fair bit, but if we were to look at pre-training it really again depends on your training if your training at six a.m. in the morning I’d just say look just get up and have a black coffee or something like that just to get you stimulate a little.

If your training to become a world record weight lifter I’d say, “Well don’t train in the morning doing your weight do them in the afternoon when you can burn more fuel” and that is when you would have more of a high carbohydrate based meal, so you can burn off that energy whilst your training. Post-training all geez, wow, yeah we would go on record, “My voice just broke” post, “Would you like some fries with that?” so post-training nutrition is again, we talked about your protein shake and ideally after your training you know getting in a good meal with a protein based.

Emily: Some carbs as well good carbs.

Brett: Yeah, so those are the key things there, yeah, I think we answered your question all right cool so, next one.

Emily: Nicole, how do I know when my metabolism is working most effectively?

Brett: Okay, I think it’s efficiently actually that’s the right word.

Emily: Yep

Brett: That’s all right though.

Emily: I am.. back here.

Brett: See if they have binoculars.

Emily: I will.

Brett: How do when my metabolism is working most efficiently? Well, again the key behind that is you are going to be having good sleep patterns you are going to notice once you’re eating your meals you’re not feeling as bloated and full, lethargic and that type of thing. Now, you can go and get blood tests done to check how your body is actually operating efficiently, but in regards to that I think if your someone that you notice you keep storing extra body fat in certain areas you know again, that will come back down to looking at your hormones and how they are operating. Then that will come back to your metabolism and you will see people like, everyone will know a skinny person or someone that does not hold body fat and they can eat twenty pieces of Pizza Hutt or something like that their metabolism is naturally going to be running high. It really just comes down to it is your body doing something that it normally does not do and if that is the case then that’s probably when you look at your metabolism not working efficiently there.

Emily: I think if you’re like going to the toilet regularly it’s something you should look is your metabolism working efficiently.

Brett: Yeah, you need a poop that’s very important.

Emily: Regularly to not every two or three days.

Brett: If you haven’t done a [expletive] in three days go see a doctor or look it’s probably a lack of fiber in your diet, and some good saturated fats in there will help kick start that.

Emily: A prude talk.

Brett: Yeah, all pooh aside let’s go, Danika we have a couple more.

Emily: All right, a bit about balancing life with your goals when to say no and when it’s okay to say yes? I’d be taking that as a social thing I mean, like I said don’t beat yourself up about something if you want to enjoy a night out with the girls or some friends.

Brett: Or the boys.

Emily: Or the boys either one, but if it is really strict and you are going out to dinner to your girlfriend’s house take your own dinner or get them on board and have some clean eating nights with your girlfriends, clean snacks. You can still socialize and be eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle because, I’m the most social butterfly there is and I still like to go out and enjoy myself during the week and I do, and don’t beat myself up about it if I have a Tri coffee or something like that.

Brett:  Yeah, I agree with everything you said there Emily, but the key thing I see in this question is when you say, “No” it comes down to you only you can decide when to say, “No” I can say, “No” for you or your partner can say, “No” for you your mum can say, “No” for you, but at the end of the day it really comes down to what you would like to say. When it’s okay to say, “Yes” well again, only you can decide that because, at the end of the day you need to be living congruent with your goals and not anyone else’s so always keep that in the back of your mind.

So, Jes with one “S” Jes Thomas, when to eat and drink protein I think we have pretty much covered that protein is a necessity.

Emily: Main meal.

Brett: Every meal.

Emily: And then a protein shakes with thirty minutes time frame after training.

Brett: Again, you can have protein shakes throughout the day if you want to as a snack or something like that it’s far better than going to reach for a chocolate bar or something like that or those never ending packets of Tim Tams. Right, we have three more questions calorie intake – sorry it’s Christine again you’re back on Christine good to see. Calorie intake macros would be great so much info it gets confusing cheat days or having variation. Well actually I think we have already covered that.

Emily:  Thank you though.

Brett: Thank you for stating that one again. I think Sarah we have goal setting and how to work your goals into your life? I think again we have covered that, but just a quick recap on that is. With goal setting it needs to and when you say working into your life this is another really key thing that not many people I know can teach when it comes to goal setting.
You also need to look at the roles you currently play in your life like, for an example are you are sister, mother, friend, boss, employee? You need to look at all of those roles in your life and you need to set goals based around each and every one of them. For example it could be, “Are you a workmate?” and you may want to increase your relationships with some work mates, so you’d set some goals around that and it might be, “Every month I’m going to have a catch up with Julie at the coffee shop after work” you know something like that so, setting goals based around your life roles is very, very important.

Emily: Yep.

Brett: Our last one Julie-Ann Bachelor….tiffs…. tests I love it Julie-Ann Bachelor “
“Deaths how much” how many fat, carbs, sugar, etc., as it’s very consuming? Confusing it’s very consuming as well like, for me personally I’m someone who does not have many carbs in my diet and when I say carbs I don’t have many of the simple carbs, so I don’t eat many grains, breads any of that type of stuff. I get all my carbs from leafy vegetables and veges and fruit those are the key things that I get it from.

To me sugar is as bad as cocaine to be honest it’s a bad drug and I stay away from it as much as possible unless of course if it’s a treat day and I feel like having a cool fruit or bad of Kool Fruits which is my favorite lollies if you want to send me a packet I won’t say no. Kool Fruits now that’s obviously full of sugar you just need to keep in mind when you ask the question of how many my answer if you were my client I’d be saying, “What are you goals?” first of all. If you goal is to stand on stage in a bikini and in eight weeks I’d be saying, “Cut that sugar out right now” you don’t need to be having it does not do you any huge benefits, let’s say that. So, ladies those are the questions we have today and we have run a little over time, but you know anything for you ladies of course. Just a quick recap what we are going to be doing obviously we are going to be recording more podcasts as we go through covering great topics, and your input is very valuable. At the bottom of this on the page where this link will be located, but if you are listening to this through iTunes then head on over to the FiitChicks.com.au website and click on podcast and put a comment under the podcast, so we can actually get your feedback just so we know your listening, because it’s no fun talking to a computer screen and no one ends up listening to it.

But, again, if you’re looking to get in shape, feel great, and mingle with like-minded girls we highly recommend you check out Fiit Transformations, you know we have over thirty Fiit Chick locations now around Australia, and just check on there and watch a video and see what it’s all about. Head along for your free trail and no obligations of course just get along and get started and when you get started there is going to be no stopping you. Emily do you have any final words?

Emily: No, it was good to break the ice for me and step out of my comfort zone and so it was good talking to you and I hope that you took something away from it.

Brett: Did you say it was good talking to me or the computer?

Emily: To the computer.

Brett: What about me?

Emily: Maybe later.

Brett: Well look I will work on those ladies, but what we will do is leave you with that and we will sign out. Have a fantastic day, evening.

Emily: Have a beautiful weekend.

Brett: Well, it depends when they are listening if they are listening to this on Tuesday that wouldn’t be a weekend so something to think about. If you’re listening t this on Tuesday have a good Wednesday…all right ladies signing off and we will talk to you in the next one.

Emily: Bye.



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