Episode 2: Brett Campbell Interviews Shauna Aarsen

In this Fiit Chick episode, Brett interviews his AMAZING sister, Shauna Aarsen.

Shauna simply hanging out with Brett

Shauna simply hanging out with Brett

Shauna is a mother of 3, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and all round bad ass.

In this case bad meaning GOOD, confusing i know.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she finds time to exercise and play all the roles she does in her busy life.
  • The best places to shop for food when looking for a bargain.
  • How she has bought up her 3 young boys to become fit and healthy, whilst still enjoying life.
  • How to get children to eat certain foods when they may not want to.
  • A strategy on how to get your meal made for you.

and loads more…

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Episode 2: Brett Campbell Interviews Shauna Aarsen

Transcript of EPISODE 2:

Hello and welcome to another Fit Chick podcast I’m your host Brett Campbell and today I have a very special guest with me some that is very close to me actually my wonderful sister Shauna Aarsen.  I’ve got Shauna on the call today and today we are going to be – as always with our conversations it’s going to be free for all and whatever Shauna says is what she did we don’t have a script here. We don’t even have questions on what I’m going to ask Shauna, so you’re in for a bit of a treat. We are going to be talking; I’ll give you a bit of an instruction first of all about Shauna for those of you who don’t know Shauna.

Shauna is my older sister which you know as a child that was hard for me growing up she was a bit of a bully to me actually. Fast forward to now Shauna is a mother of three young beautiful boys she would say four including her husband. I’m sure many of you ladies out there could agree, and Shauna is also a personal trainer she runs the Fiit Chick center at her location, and she also is a massage therapist she has just been studying massage therapy. Look I’ll hand over to Shauna and she can give us a little more notice about anything else that she thinks I missed out, and we will go from there. So, Shauna tells us a little bit about yourself and let the audience you know find out your deep dark secrets on the ones you want to share of course, and then we will Australians some awesome content?

Shauna:  All right, well firstly hi everybody! As Brett said this is of the script and very raw. I don’t think he has missed out that much really I’m just a typical person I’m a mother, and I have my three kids who drive me around the bend at times, but they are very good children. My background I guess into health and fitness probably would have started at a very early age I was always able run, jump, and throw balls and move which I guess is a good advantage. From there I basically just progressed into any sport I thought I could do, and if I couldn’t I always gave it a go.

I then moved onto heading towards the New Zealand navy, so I spent about five years in there, and had my children and thought that there was better things for me family wise, so yeah, from there I basically looked into PT. I did actually want to be a police officer, but unfortunately time, and things like who was going to look after my children etc., came into play, but I definitely do not regret the situation or the circumstances that put me into been a PT. I’ve loved every moment of it and yeah I guess it’s basically grown into a bit of a love and I definitely love every aspect of it that’s for sure I’ve meet some brilliant people who have basically molded me into who I am.  I’ve had to have a lot more patients and take on board every personality around which has been a really big learning curve, so yeah, that’s pretty much about me.

Brett: Excellent Shauna thank you very much for sharing that I was hoping you‘d say some nice things about me you know, but am…

Shauna: Oh, yeah, yeah, well you know.

Brett: Hopefully one day we will get there…this is not about me.

Shauna:  There are too many good things about you Brett that’s the thing so you know and you’ve said you know when we were growing up we weren’t the best of friends, but I can mostly certainly say that we are now.

Brett: Yeah, that’s great that’s exactly right I couldn’t agree more. But before we turn this into a conversation about our childhood and upbringing let’s talk about some awesome content and some things we can share with these ladies.

Shauna:  Okay.

Brett: They can implement it into their everyday life, so I think the first question I’d like to ask you and just get some feedback from your side of things is how have you found one actually having young children and actually finding time to actually exercise? Let’s just start with exercising you know how you find time in your schedule looking after three-young-ins, and a household and running a PT business, and so forth and everything else that you do? How do you find time for that lot, and what are your key strategies that they might be able to share?

Shauna: Okay, key strategies…I’m going to look at this when they were much younger, so I had three children all under the age of two, so basically that was a lot of exercise in the beginning. I always took them out into the sunlight and took them for walks, and I guess that gradually built-in to them been able to ride little bikes, scooters, etc., we’ve alw ays done something like that, and when we have animals on board in our household we took the dogs as well, so they have basically grown up with been able to move, and just get out there and doing something even if it is just a walk it’s still been totally active. I guess when they got  a bit older and life got a little easier I was then able to incorporate more and put more time into myself in regards to sort of weight training. I just started of on the very basics and learnt all about that, and definitely did it in between sleeps and naps, and there were a lot of those during the day that I could take advantage of and I did take advantage of every single moment.

Time is a massive thing I know that the old excuse can come up that we don’t have enough time, but in actual fact we can make time even if it means we put them into a little play pen outside in the sun and went outside doing some squats, lunges, and some pushups we can always make time.  That was my big thing towards myself, but I don’t use it as an excuse and didn’t let it stop me doing what I really wanted to do and what I enjoyed, and I always believed that once I have trained and worked out and done something for me I’m such a better mother for them, and that am how I look at it is that I’m not going to use them as an excuse it’s something I enjoy let’s do it lets get it over with, and let’s get the kids involved and get them on board as well.

When they got a bit older obviously things did get a little bit easier, and just recently I guess I could take them down to fair field and we can do sprints as a family or we can do some activates down there that involve all of us, and they are very active and sporty and that comes from an early age of contributing to that, that is sort of some really good family things to do. There all in school now so I do have some spare time however; again, I have to use that time again wisely. If you’re not in my dairy or I don’t have something written down you can guarantee I’m going to forget it, so that’s a big thing for me keeping a log of what I have on and when I’m going to be doing it.

You know if I really don’t want to miss something it has to go into my dairy and also be prepared, and I think been a mother you have to be prepared I was pretty regimented you know I don’t know if you remember Brett, but I always did things at a certain time and I ate at a certain time and went to bed at a certain time and I think that has totally helped me. Ten years later I was preparing them and doing what I needed to do as well, so all the lovely jobs of washing, cleaning, and ironing, and all that sort of stuff you just have to use your time wisely that’s all it is, and plan totally be planned on what you’re going to do during the day.

Brett: Look I couldn’t agree more with the planning side of it there are a couple of key points I picked out of what you just said there and the first thing first I guess is going back to time. Now, I hear so many people say, “I don’t have time to do this, and do that” even if you put it into a business context where I hear so many people go, “I don’t have time to do that in my business and I don’t have time to do this” you know basically – I’ve heard Anthony Robbins say once before he goes, “The only thing that we’ve got equal in this whole world is time” you know it’s the only thing we don’t have equal rights. There is not equal opportunities, but what we do have is we have the same twenty-four hours as the next person next to us, so that just speaks straight into the fact of planning and the dairy.

It wasn’t really until I took the concept of writing down exactly when you’re going to exercise, so on a Sunday afternoon look at your dairy and plan out okay, “I’m going to work out this time this time and this time” that whole thing you know when you have an appointment really you shouldn’t miss it. Now, the key part there as well is – I’ve got a good friend of mine he actually has reminders in his phone to say okay, “I’ve got this now I’ve got this one” type of thing, so it’s a great way to be able to make sure your not missing out on certain things. An example is if you have your parent teacher interview you know on a Tuesday, and put it in your dairy so you know.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: The last thing you want to do is have someone say, “Hey what are you doing Tuesday at seven pm?” oh nothing let’s go out to dinner and then you have just double booked yourself, and what that does it just teaches your passion of never fulfilling something.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: The worst thing that someone can do is when they have a dairy that is continually missed the appointment, because what that then does it just really takes the level of importance of what you schedule out of it. If we look at some things that you can take out of that you know is scheduling your workouts every week on a Sunday do the workouts, and not only that even schedule times when you’re going to prepare your meals.

Shauna: Yeah, and know what it is that you’re going to be training as well because most people’s problem is, “I’m going to train” but what is it you’re going to do an what do you want to get out of it, and how are you going to train, so put that down in your dairy and make sure that, “Well this day I’m going to be working on this muscle group and this muscle group or I’m going to be doing compound movements on this day” log it down, and then you go straight into the journal and go straight in front of the TV, and you know what DVD you will put on or what exercise plan you have prepared you can just say, “Bang out of the way” it doesn’t have to be long either it just needs to be something, and I can totally relate with the whole, “I know things get really busy in life” and I am not perfect I’ve missed appointments or I haven’t stuck to my dairy plan and that’s when I just think hold on a minute something is a bit off what is it?

Look back at what I’m doing at the moment and I need to be a little more on top of everything and you know things come up life, you know [expletive] hits the fan. at times and I understand, but it’s one of those if I know myself that if I’m on top of everything I feel so much better about myself  and things run so much more smoothly. The kids are fine and they are not all over the place, so is the husband as well, so super-plan and you are going to be sound and you will be on top of the world as well. If we could just go back to the whole you know, “Not enough hours in the day” so to speak if someone was to come to you with that Brett – now I do know that people do work twelve fourteen hour shift and that’s hit the gas on the body you know sometimes we cannot train, but it’s about what we can do with the time that we do have.

Again, we can’t use the excuses, “I won’t be able to do this because I don’t have enough time,” but it’s utilizing that time that you do have and benefiting from it as well. Just going by, you know Kirk works twelve hour shifts, he’s pretty knackered by the time he comes home, but you know what he takes the dogs for a walk in the dark, but at least take the dogs for a walk. The kids are old enough luckily for us to be able to take them out that little bit later, but if not hey, he can go by himself that is no problem, but he’s still been pro-active in what he wants to achieve in life as well. So, again, just using that time to the best of your ability even if it’s just twenty minutes that you got out there and refreshed yourself, and when you come back you feel absolutely on top of the world because you have just completed it, and the dogs have been taken out for a walk as well or vice versa just go out by yourself, and do a quick few laps around the block and your home you know…it sounds pretty good to me.

Brett: I think if we could put something around it because I guess something popped up to me there is that whole thing it, it really, really does come down to how bad you want it.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: Because I know people who work all hours of the day and they will make sure they exercise no matter what. When I first started exercising it was really, really important to me and it was really high on my values list I really valued having a good body. I read my first ever muscle magazine and I was like, “Geez I want to look like that guy” and I was only seventeen years old at the time. I had just started a new job and it was the first time I had ever worked a full day in my life, but I committed to the gym as well and I was literally – I don’t say this to try and impress anyone I wanted to show for me I really valued that, so I’d work ten hours a day and then I’d drive forty minutes to the gym train for an hour and half back then, and then drive home. I would get home at nine o’clock every night just to cook my meals.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: It even got to the point and you probably will remember this Shauna because actually I…

Shauna: I remember.

Brett: What happened was I got sick of putting a chicken breast on a George Foreman and using the three minute bag of rice in the microwave even though that was working for me you know I thought, “What resources could I use? How could I be resourceful?” and leverage from things. What I did was I made a bit of a deal with Shauna and she started cooking my dinners, so I got my dinners, so it was my meals. I’d drive past Shauna’s house on the way home from work and I’d pick up my new meal for the next day, and on the way home drop of the old containers and pick up the new ones and it worked out a treat. What it done was it really got me to where I wanted to be at that stage?

Shauna: For sure.

Brett: A couple of key things out of there are can you be resourceful like, if I had never asked you if you had been able to help me out there?

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: I think I paid you something ridiculous like, I was giving you way too much money about thirty bucks.

Shauna: I don’t think you were paying me enough somehow I already had so much more going on in my life, but look that’s the thing though – I would never had known that you were not wanting or rather it was too late for you to come home and cook your own meals. That’s the last thing you want to do all you want to do is sit in the lounge and have a feed, and you were lucky enough to just live down the road and you could stop in and do that.

I guess on the same token I was at home and the kids were in bed and that was the time I was able to then cook and earn a little pocket money on the side, but look I mean it worked out to be the best to, so just reaching out to those who are around. If you don’t have anyone around you, you know you just have to work with what you have got that is what it comes down to, but if you do have those people around you definitely reach out and see if they are interested because I was pretty stocked when I got approached to say, “Can you cook me this and that” I’m like, “Yeah, absolutely.”

Brett: What are you doing now? Maybe you could take over.. Both of them laugh and over talk…

Shauna: I’m sorry.

Brett: I’ll give you an extra ten bucks or something what do you reckon?

Shauna: Yeah, well look Emily is in charge of that now mate I’ve got enough to feed.

Brett: That’s right, and I will tell it cost me a lot more than thirty-five dollars.

Shauna: Good girl, good girl.

Brett: I guess if we take that for a moment and look at what would of happened if I didn’t actually reach out to you well you just, because I think a lot of people can relate, because the last thing you want to do is when you’re working a full day is go home and cook a meal. You know it can be easy if you’re feeling tired and you get up late the next morning and you don’t have any meals prepared you know for me my default was go straight through the Cassidy drive-thru.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: It was easy for me to go and buy a party pack, go buy a small chicken you know I’d get a chips and gravy on the side on so forth…it just felt really easy.

Shauna: Yeah, convenient.

Brett: That’s all it was it was convenient I had a half hour lunch break you know to me what I was doing was just justifying reasons on why I had that cash then.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: If I hadn’t of reached out it wouldn’t have happened. You may be listening to this going, “Well I don’t have a sister who would cook meals for thirty-five dollars” the lesson behind that is what else could you do?

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: Could you actually prepare it yourself, because sometimes you know we are put in situations where we just need to stand up and just go I’m actually going to cook it or could you cook around it. There are so many companies out there that can prepare and cook your food for you and they deliver it to you, you know there are a lot of options out there, so just keep that in the back of your mind when thinking about it.

Shauna: For sure.

Brett: I think the next question for you Shauna what I would like to know is, and I’m sure many of the ladies out there would as well whether they have kids or not. How do you get most bangs for your buck when shopping for food, because the adage I hear is it’s so hard to eat healthy because it cost so much?

Shauna: Yeah, yeah.

Brett: Let’s talk about may be some ninja mother tips on where to shop and what you get and all of that type of stuff.

Shauna: Okay, alright well I do remember actually writing articles for you Brett that did have something in regards to like, grocery shopping and finding better places to actually go, and I do remember at that stage like, my business in the early days – my husband was working and I guess we were getting by you know what I mean there was no real luxuries not really anything like that going on. Looking back at that point of time as well I really haven’t changed that much even though I would work more it really hasn’t changed that much for me, and I guess that’s a good thing that I still can go back to those places that I originally found as really good places to get the food from. I’m a really big advocate for ALDI, I don’t care that they don’t pack my bags I can do that stuff myself.

Brett: Really.

Shauna: Fantastic, well you know what I mean like that might bother some people.

Brett: Sure.

Shauna: But I’m like, you know what okay, so it’s an extra fifteen minutes out of my day that I have got to put them in the bags and then take them inside and unpack it just like doubling handling pretty much or triple handling them, but I just think if I’m going to save myself a hundred, hundred and fifty bucks a week I’m going to do that, because that can then go on something else like, say the boys playing touch or me playing net ball whatever it is, and bring it back into the family even. So, ALDI is a massive big thing, and I know that they have some fantastic frozen vegetables and you know they taste really good. I haven’t had a problem with any of their frozen vegetables and it’s definitely convenient when there’s broccoli out there for sixty-seven bucks a kg, so bringing it back let’s go to these places and spend wisely.

So, definitely ALDI’s they have got some fantastic fruit there as well our ALDI, and I’m pretty lucky is pretty good they go through the produce quite a lot, so it’s always getting a really good turn over your not having stagnant fruit or anything like that. They can have some really good beets that are on sale as well…just keeping your eyes open, and they come out regularly with their pamphlet, so I guess I’m a big pamphlet girl. We try to bloody well throw them out, but I’m more of just let me have a bit of a squint so I know where I’m supposed to be shopping this week. Also going to your Green grocers…now we have quite a few around where we are as well, so if ALDI does not have any goo sales going on at the moment then I don’t mind going to the Greengrocer and getting you know like, even chicken breast that they sell there say five dollars a kg.

I think just been probably a little bit more mindful or aware of where to go shopping and not just going to the same places over and over again. A get a few things from Woolworths as well, but I don’t do the major bulk of my shopping form Woolworths I guess now we are a little lucky we can have a few luxuries that are put in as well in regards to almonds, because I know that almond meal is normally a staple in a lot of the clean recipes, and especially in the farm a specific farm, and a lot of times it’s used quite frequently. At the Greengrocer they normally can sell a big bag of almonds for under five dollars which absolutely amazing comparing them to Woolworths which is about ten or twelve bucks.

Brett: When you say Greengrocers Shauna…sorry.

Shauna: Yep.

Brett: Just for my own knowledge.

Shauna: Yep.

Brett: Not that I do too much of the shopping, but…

Shauna: No, I’m sure you don’t.

Brett: When you say Greengrocer is that a shop or a chain of things or is it like a farmers market?

Shauna: It’s like a Farmers Market I reckon everyone would have one quite locally.


Shauna: It’s just about marching out there and having a look around. We are really lucky that we have two really good ones near us, so we have the country Greengrocer which is about ten minutes away and they have some fantastic deals going on there. They sell their meat relatively cheap. In regards to steak if I get a steak from them now I’m looking at about maybe two or three kg’s worth of steak, and we actually come home and cut it all up ourselves. That is the best way to buy your meat, and even if you’re able to then get the butcher to do it themselves you have just saved yourself so much money. I walk past two steaks at Woolies and think, “Holy Mole how are people supposed to eat that sort of stuff” we would never be able to because we all each have a steak each now so that’s five steaks in one night.

The best place is to go to those places and look for it – we’ve also have another one up the road which is a Leisure Coach Center they have phenomenal amounts of fruits and veges, and a heap of meat as well. If you can  always go for the leanest cut when you buying in those bulk values they are much better for you and then you don’t have to go to the Super Budget market if you don’t need to. So, yeah just shopping around and really having a really good look, so those are really my main places that I go shopping, and always check your pamphlets and have a brief look through them at least then you’re pretty set on where you can go and what you can get for bang for buck that’s for sure.

Brett: If you’re listening ladies and you don’t have a Greengrocer or whatever the case just jump on that thing I’m not sure if you heard it, but jump on Google and literally Google, Farmers Markets or organic markets around your area like, I know here on the Gold Coast we have many of them and Emily and I we go down to this school and they have a Farmers Market every Saturday morning so it’s part of our morning thing like, we will go out for breakfast on a Saturday morning so that’s normally our you know let’s treat ourselves to breakfast, and then we head up to Farmers Market.

In regards to cost and so forth you‘d be so surprised that the actual you know the cost of it is actually not that more expensive if you’re trying to look at eating healthier foods, and fresher foods, because at the end of the day – we will get into some further episodes about you know quality of food and how it can really effect everyday life and especially your weight loss journey, but just get on there and have a look, again, I think it comes back to having a plan.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: It seem like we have a bit of a thing going here is you know put in your dairy on a Sunday that okay, next Saturday morning at nine a.m. we are going to go to the Farmers Market,  because that will stop you from booking something else on Saturday you just need to prioritize where you’re at.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: Let’s move onto another question in regards to…we will keep on the kid thing the children.

Shauna: Okay.

Brett: I hear a lot of people say, “It’s really hard to cook healthy foods because my kids don’t like it.”

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: I know what I’d cook, but what’s your feedback on any of that and how have you managed, because you know if we look at your boys I know obviously that they are not overweight they are lean children and that is obviously due to one been extremely active and secondly it comes back to the food that they eat and the control on that?

Shauna:  Yeah, for sure I guess you could look at it a couple of ways now for me I gave them fruit and veges galore when they were younger, so I got them trialing and erring as much food as they could possibly can, so I guess I opened up what was available to them. As they’ve gotten a little bit older I guess it came down to me trying to sneak it into their food you know the last thing you want is for one of your kids when you have just made them some really nice mince patties to see an ugly piece of orange carrot slice in their like, a grated part of it and then they just don’t want to eat it, “Nah, I’m not eating it because it’s got a piece of orange carrot in it” that can be really disheartening I guess because the last thing you really want to do is just give them crap.

I guess it comes back to as well – I never really gave them a lot of that stuff when they were younger I didn’t deprive them, but there was always a limit as to what I deemed okay to give them, so learning about food right from a really early age I think is so important. Seeing what they have been able to grow into and what they have become now. They have the same mind frame I’m not saying they always ate their veges and everything went smoothly, but it was just persistence you know coming up with new ways to put more flavor into foods that you know say the mushrooms weren’t dominating, cutting them up super fine and putting them in certain foods that I could get away with doing it, and basically just seeing Kirk and me eating the vegetables and what we did with them. We are fantastic role models like, the kids take in so much about what you do and its okay when you want them to eat healthy, but I don’t think if they see you eating healthy unhealthy that they will want to do anything clean as well, so they will want to eat exactly what you’re eating. So, learning I think is a massive big thing on my behalf and that has really helped. The kids now can sit down to absolute fantastic meals like, when we go out for dinner there is no such thing as a kids meal it’s full on family you know normal persons meal. They don’t sort of have a limit on how much fruit and veges they can actually eat, so they have an absolute allowance of what they can manage they can have.

They don’t go overboard with it, but I can guarantee you that majority of the time the probably eat more than most adults, but they need the fuel too, so I guess learning from an early age that food is fuel, and it gets you from A to B, it gets you out there on the rugby league field, gets you running on your scooters, skateboards, and bikes. If you don’t eat you don’t feel a hundred percent and they have learned the hard way as well, but it’s great they can actually acknowledge that at such an early age because I doubt they will have anything…well fingers crossed I really hope that they won’t face been over weight or unhealthy later on in life I think you do the best you possibly can and teach them as best you can.

Brett:      Shauna, one thing I really want to point on before this point, here is you mentioned education and it all comes back to education, and educating your children on why that you recommend. Okay, those are really key word from a psychological stand point why you recommend it not why they should eat it, because when you tell someone to do something then the whole rebellion side of it starts and he goes, “I don’t want to eat that.”

Shauna: For sure.

Brett: You know if you educate your children on hey if you actually eat this, what this is going to do is actually going to help you become a better Rugby league player. This is going to help you become a better net ball player or this is going to make you become a better swimmer you know if you want to become a better swimmer, “Yeah, yeah of course I do” well this is the food that swimmers eat.

Shauna: Yeah.

Brett: So, it does come back to that education and meeting them on their level. I won’t get started in this topic, but the whole thing of McDonalds now, when I talk to a lot of parent’s and then again, I’m speaking here from a point of view where I actually don’t have children however; I’ve leant a lot about them in many way in fact they still operate as human beings you know as adults do if not sometimes more mature than some adults, but that is another topic another podcast. What I’m saying is I will ask a parent or someone, “Do you give your kids McDonalds?” and they go, “Yeah, why wouldn’t you” because you know I used to get it when I was a kid like, we used to have McDonalds every Friday night after school that would be a treat. Now, at the end of the day if I can get a habit it wouldn’t even be a thing for me.

Shauna: Yep.

Brett: It’s about educating your children on why you wouldn’t want them to have a certain food as well, so you‘d say, “Look, eat this food and tell me how your energy feels in an hour?” so, if you had told me when I was a child eating white bread with sugar sandwiches like, literally we’d get home from school and get white bread roll it up into sugar balls and dip it into sugar. Now, I felt great after I ate it, but if you had to ask me back then, “How is your energy” like, half an hour or an hour later I was just sitting on the couch lying down because I was exhausted. The reason I was exhausted is because what that crap food was doing to me it was really increasing my insulin levels and it was releasing all of these hormones.

Shauna: Yeah, and I think for me Brett is honestly I’ve given them the choice, and as they have gotten a bit older it’s like, “All right well what vegetables do you want” there are  four to chose from you have to pick two of them. I know the youngest one is a bit of a rebellion, but the twins are fine they eat whatever apart from like, brussel sprouts I don’t blame them, but like the young one he is super picky compared to the other two, so I always used to make a bit of a deal with him. Well you pick two vegetables from this four and that’s what you can have, and so I guess that’s how I gradually got him more involved with vegetables as well, but I always gave him the choice.

Like, there was always a vegetable choice, but yeah, you choose your vegetable option out of there, and also I guess giving them the option of been more included within food. What vegetables do you want tonight guys? What sort of meat would you like tonight? You know by just giving them an option in been more involved in food. I have never deprived them and I think that is a massive thing as well is that if you deprive your children of lollies, and cakes, and if they go to a birthday party and they know they aren’t allowed that – because I get asked it’s unbelievable…I’d get asked quite a lot especially when they were a bit younger are my boys allowed this? I’d be like, “Well they are at a party they can chose what they like” and they know how they would feel afterward, because they would tell me they have a bit of a sore tummy or they aren’t feeling great. I’d say, “You know what boys it’s probably because you’ve eaten too many lollies” and that is what happens. So, you know what they have learnt and it’s a really good indicator as you have said education. I knew what was going to happen after they had eaten that crap, but at the same token I’m not going to deprive them I’m not going to take them away from it, because I know when they get released they are going to be like, hounds at the fox they are going to be having as much of that stuff as they possibly can. I think that’s a really good way to sort of set them up to make their own decisions and how much they would like, and the consequences of having those foods as well is up to them. I’m not saying that we never have takeaways you know I haven’t had it for quite some time, but they are boys they are kids and every now and then they can have their takeaways. Sometimes it’s just a homemade pizza and they get to choose whatever they want that will be our takeaway for the night or for the week.

The next thing might be let’s go out to dinner as a whole family, but we will probably go somewhere that gives pretty good meals that are actually quite nutritious. On other occasions they might choose another takeaway joint, and given the options out of the three kids, Reef would choose McDonalds that’s just him, but given the twins they would want Subway. It makes me so proud to hear that they would prefer to have Subway and choose all the salads they want in it and choose what sort of meat they want in it as well. I know it’s not a hundred and ten percent clean, but that’s a much better choice than have KFC, or Hungry Jacks, so you know giving them their own choice been able to voice their own opinion has really helped me as well.

Brett: Excellent, so Shauna I’m just noticing the time there and we are coming to the end here.

Shauna: Okay.

Brett: I guess before we finish the chat is there any words of advice or a couple of quick tips you would recommend to any of the ladies out there with children and maybe not even with children just themselves. What would you recommend are your key points?

Shauna: Wow, okay, this is very impromptu, well…

Brett: That’s the whole call, about it.

Shauna: Yeah, I guess what has worked for me is being super, super…

Brett: Anal.

Shauna: Planned yeah, well no not that at all. Planned and be really structured as best as you can like, I’d let my hair down every now and then and I let the whole structured routine go that’s cool, but as long as I get back up there if I need to, to bring it back in. Plan be structured and look I’m a firm believer in making the most of your life, if you want something go for it don’t be afraid don’t worry about what anybody else is thinking or going to say just strive for it just go for it. Head towards that direction because it’s unbelievable when you focus on goals and you achieve them, and get your kids involved in those goals to get them to sort goals out for themselves. There is some fantastic thing for kids to do sport wise in Australia use it get them out there even if it’s just a bit of a sprint with the whole family get them more involved with health, fitness and I think everyone in the household becomes, so much more calm and positive, so yeah positivity absolutely amazing get rid of all the negativity in your life and you are one happy person, absolutely.

Brett:       Awesome content thank you so much for sharing that and if you listening there and you like, “I’m not really sure how to create a plan” now what you can do is you can head on over to any of our websites and look at the Bikinibodyshapeup.com or Circuitprotocols.com. Now, these are actually products that we have created that is a plan, so you get a plan and you plan out your weeks, and you will decide your doing this workout this day and then do this work out the next day etc., and it’s something that just takes the whole planning out of it for you, you just need to get on there and start making it happen, so you can visit those two websites. If you want to see anymore tips, strategies, articles, videos you name it head over to Fiitchicks.com.au and remember that’s Fiitchicks with two “I” so Fiitchicks.com.au.

Shauna: Otherwise, its for VIPs!!! Laughs….

Brett: Yeah, if you’re one of the members in the VIP area then that’s right you will be getting better business…spell it wrong. If you’re listening to this and you’re actually not in the Fiit Chick Transformation VIP area on facebook download our free meal plans, we give you free meal plans as well, so go to slimdownmealplan.com, and we will provide you all the access there. Thanks very much for tuning in once again, and Shauna thank you for coming along and sharing.

Shauna: All right.

Brett: Have a great day, evening, morning wherever you are till next time thanks.

Shauna: Ciya…

Brett: Ciya..



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