Episode 11: Fat Loss, Nutrition, Exercise and more

In this episode Brett asks fellow fitness expert Shannan Maciejewski some of the most FAQ’S

Such as:

  • What’s the best way to lose fat?
  • What’s the best way to lose fat from your thighs?
  • What should someone eat before working out?
  • When should I change up my exercise program?
  • When do I include certain training techniques and when to avoid them?

and loads more popular questions…

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Below is a transcription of the show. Our transcriber has done their best to piece together our conversation!

Brett: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Fiit Chick Podcast I am your host today Brett Campbell and today we are going to spice things up a little bit. Today’s episode is going to be a FAQ style format and I’ve got a very special guest with me today and he is a Fiitness professional and fiit chick transformation belanny location owner and also all round dude… Shannon Mac welcome to the show buddy!

Shannon: Brett! Thank you mate! Very good to be here!

Brett: Excellent! The reason why we’re doing a quick FAQ session today where I’m going to throw a hip of questions that Shannon and put him on the spot is Shannon’s beautiful wife Maddy is about to give birth not right at the 2nd of course because he’d certainly be there but with maximizing on today and look on that note congratulation mate and no doubt and if you aware I was… at the end of today you we’re going to be a proud father so congratulations…

Shannon: Very good baby…

Brett: Yeah Excellent so both talk outside of that mate…Matt it will be after this since you’ve began , you could have been a bit more excited but let’s get straight into the show mate and I’m really excited about this format because what a dozes it, it actually puts yourself on the spot and get straight to the point about answers so listeners can take away some gold nuggets here but before I do, I guess it’s really important Shannon I almost forgot got to give you a bit of a background on Shannon and yeah apart of being around awesome dude he’s been in the industry for 10 years, he transforms the lives of thousands of individuals over this time to really knows what he’s talking about he’s and advance label fitness coach and so he’s knows hi stuffs when it comes to… yeah not only loosing body fat building muscle and he’s a little sacred that he can put his leg around his head, I don’t know if that’s true or not but alright Shannon let’s get stuck started to the FAQ style mate so we’re going to give you 60 seconds max to answer each question, so if you’re gone over the 60 seconds I’m going to beep you out, I’ll give you a bit of a pressure so you got 10 seconds left, something like that. Alright so first question; What is the best way to lose body fat? Go…

Shannon: Yeah use of variety of ranges in your training outside essentially to the three sessions per week we’re you are essentially are using some body weight strength training or whatever it is to get stronger with one or two interval based sessions and possibly sprinkle of a bit of a longer, come on you can go thru some activities with the family and kind of stuff as well, but only incorporate the longer style duration activity if you’ve sort of got you’re not involved you may potatoes with your 2 to 3 resistance based session in there with the cup one to two intervened sessions and then which you can run about with some longer activities so in a not show that with the nutrition program that suits you is the best way to shifts body fast…

Brett: Excellent you did that well about 10 seconds left mate. It’s a very hard question and the reason why I put you on the spot would that as well to our listeners it’s just certainly an adlib and to view chat with Shannon here so we haven’t really prepared that. It’s just to show you how hard it actually is to try and provide advice and this is a question that way asks fitness professional can ask on a daily basis. Again, what’s the best way to lose fat? It really is hard to sum up but you did really well there. So let’s dive deeper into a little bit further. What is the best way for someone to lose fat from their thighs? What would you say?

Shannon: Well I take, fat reduction is not the really something that we are , we sort of reach out the benefit of, because obviously when you shift body fat you might shift it from different areas of the body so to take… hit certain areas also I use exercises that hit multiple muscles and commend exercises so use a program that targets your legs, your upper body, back, you call and everything in a time period rather than specifically focusing on that one muscle all that , that prove itself so multiple muscles, upper boy and low body to hit the body fat overall and overtime that will sort of that you’ll lose it from your areas you would like to…

Brett: Cool say. Let’s talk about split training versus full body training because i’m talking about you’re… we hear a lot with someone’s garner up that arms today. I’ve got shoulders today yeah legs on Thursday, those type of programs. What’s your opinion on split training like that or doing full body training? Will you training all muscle groups in the same day?

Shannon: Yeah… absolutely… So I mean I must said the angle is what you’re ask ,so it depends on the program but very rarely do we, especially that quarter will work with a lot of elite body builders or anything like that so that’s a different story. So very much… majority of our programs are based on a full body arm and also split or and upper, lower full body split which means that was the third one is one up or one lower than the third days of full body or close so very rarely it was split it up into body parts because it is a more advance model and most people experimenting with that and at that level that go for foundation to be able to transition into an insulated approach to training so majority clients are on a full body or upper lower split. Full body is 2 or 3 times a week based on the client and how for me can train and how they exercise and oversee someone that can sort of do 3 or 4days a week depends on the rotating schedule

Brett: Awesome.. Great answer… Alright so let’s look at progression in training. It’s really important when someone undertakes the training program they progress throughout the whole journey right? So it’s not a matter of Yey! I got results in the first 6 weeks and then now for the Plato. How did someone know when it’s time to progress and what are the general things that you progress with?

Shannon: Yeah… Definitely not to be quite broad and question but also dive as much into it as possible I mean…

Brett: You just use the 10 seconds by the way… go…

Shannon: So now that 60 seconds you ask me again so I mean with regards into internal program you’re able to make progress each week with the client or not might be thru extra reps so, extra weight or whether or maybe but most people are only focus obviously on the weight, the weight of the exercises that has a progression but in many ways of rest being crazy that I said the trauma and attention and crazy web ranges, increasing the range of all the range of motion and it goes through adding extra volume, decreasing rest, there’s multiple ways you can actually progress some month even with one exercises simple push up you can use that for months and months on end without even adding weight just work out progression of debts and time and attention and adding approximately cold and delight as well..

Brett: Cool for someone listening there. Let’s elaborate on that a little bit because, there’s no shortage of techniques and strategies and ways because you could asymmetric workouts, you can do negative you can do asymmetric hold, you can do so many different things. I guess what the biggest issue that I know that I hear from a lot of our Fiitness members is when do you utilize this things like do you go to the gym and go cater them or I’m going to do super sit and negatives and I’m going to do a tauma and attention hold here, when do you actually implement it? And when is a good time to?

Shannon: Yeah… Definitely.. I mean I’ll give you some examples how the female client to me. When we do speak to them I mean they want to shift the body fat or change the way they look but also one of the thing I’ve notice to a lot of ladies they do want to feel empower for what they do… They do want to get stronger in certain reference so we have a lot of ladies that they first said to us I want to be able to do a chin up, and that’s pretty exciting throughout to do because if you have empowering and purely they goal to do that whether it be a confidence they know just to find the change something that they’ve been really trying to forever. So even when take the chin up for example like Jeffery want to build up the strength and that will add certain holds for example, in hold up and hold up bottom to spilled strength in that range and even add some negative or big centric face so first time we need to be build strength in the chin up when I get a female lap top or someone on top to actually control the weigh down and then help back out which is a negative chin up. So those two examples of asymmetric hold thru various ranges of the chin up and also negatives can build strength to over time, and to be able to perform a full reps on the run which had multiple ladies we be able to do…

Brett: So just talking that in further so when do you that? Do you do a negative or a hold at the top or bottom every session? Do you do it for weeks? How do you put that in your current programming?

Shannon: Yeah definitely, Again let’s say about the goal the person is the key, so we’ll use, for example the not’s and both o the training will be a ran of big and bang movements so for example we’ll initially some of us comes to us with his own program like an ultimately set of exercises we might do for example a squat base pattern paired with a chin up and if someone does want to build that chin up, up as well, we’ll sort of add possibly a we could do a band resistant chin up initially start up and at the end we might add a hold as like finishing exercise to continue the body build of a strength but also I mean there’s no black and white answer, one session if we have a lady it also someone once a week we might do an eccentrics or down face on one session or on the next session we might do a whole base exercise so frequency with certain movements if you want to improve them ease, ease chase if you want to improve body like movements we just don’t just for months or week, because like anything if you want to learn to be better at something the more frequent exposures to that so obviously the better the end result…

Brett: Cool… So let’s look at and change tech a little bit there because I guess the answers that we’re getting from that is many different ways to be able to program and that is not one way that is specific but the key is to and from my advices well as not to try and prove every modality training technique and to a training program at the same time. So you’re not going to yawn just toosuper set every day of the week for the next 6 weeks. You are going to throw them in maybe once or twice a week for the duration of your current program so let’s just finalize how long do you believe someone should be sticking to a certainprogram before they change and progress?

Shannon: Yeah… Good question I mean it also comes into where we want… Usually around that 3 to 4 week month we sent it’s not turning signs of had obviously on program so for a bit longer and then we slightly teak them, usually for our mental simulation to, we sort of, we do run out a few of our program on a full week rotation, so we might do an intro week then week 2, week 3 really pushes the boundaries and if someone, if we feel someone didn’t more of an intimate to advance level with it push the envelope and a little bit of a back off week, we want to use weight for something completely different or for someone that’s a little bit of less experience, we might use week 4, there’s another pay day week to see if we can set some more records and then following back might be the start of a new page as in week 1 again which might be another lesser volume or an intro base… So majority you’re on a lucky for week rotation but it saying that we can essentially bring someone up to the end of their program they have a bit of a back off before starting something new to learn and sometimes we had them go even a bit longer they continually making progress on what they’re own.

Brett: Again another example of not everyone is the same but there are some parameters around that. I guess if you’re looking an elite athlete you’re changing the program every week or two even every few days because you’re adapting a lot longer so I don’t know for beginners for example you keep a beginner on a program for 68 weeks and still adapting, so it really does the pain on where you’re at and the scheme of things so let’s talk about something that really public question, I’m sure you’re get it all the time from your ladies that you personally train as well. What’s good pre work out nutrition? So what do you eat before training? So what’s a good pre work out meal?

Shannon: Definitely woman answers this one quite a bit likely and I mean we have obviously… people realize family, jobs and they , everyone’s different so the way we will way sort of say we have a lot of kind of handle quite a bit of a food like before they train but for those we’ve say to train early in the morning possibly make up we say make a light protein shake, they can’t handle too much food and maybe half like before which is a little bit 30 or 40 grams of protein and then possibly the half after the blender berries or something I’ve got as well but if you’re training lighter in the day obviously we’ve had some meals to get on to your meals in. Majority of the time say if someone training early in afternoon have a meal but don’t have one sits on you too heavy since you’re going to have one that has a quite in fat and quite into you say feeling it and not digest into training so yes again individual…

Brett: What’s the example of a meal? What’s an example that you’d suggest?

Shannon: Some of the ladies at the moment are just having obviously a month some yoga and food pre training or even some of having a small bit of a protein shake or even if we have some quantities of 4:o clock training in the afternoon they might have a meal, a meal around 1 to 2, and a bigger meal that sustains them into their so man a bit of a protein sauce, I’m not going to give same protein because you can have choose whatever protein sauce you like I’m not holding you to any so a bit of a protein sauce and a bit of a fruit or apple something like that will definitely help you into your session and then afterwards, if you need to get something to eat, and you’re not eating for a while, you can have a bit of a shake with some berries or even a whole food meal will suffice.

Brett: hmmm… and as shame as plug if you’re not taking multiple vit which is a brand new on the market, pre work out supplement. We’ve just bought that out on a fiit shop; FIITshop.com.au go check it out, getting rate and reviews. It’s a great pre work out that we’ve been working on a formula that there’s no crashes, there’s no highs, it feels like you’re on the Benda, it’s a really clean product so go and check that out if you are lacking energy and you need a bit of a boost there. So Shannon so let’s look at the topic that is he believed invited in the street? And I know you are listening knows my stunts on it, and what’s your thoughts on counting calories? Is it good? Or is it bad? What are your thoughts around it?

Shannon: Yeah I mean I think there’s definitely some place for it and it is I mean I met a lot of other fitness professionals that I just solely rely on counting calories as well but I mean we don’t quit a lot of that clients for you to lack something in progression sort of that we call it habit coaching. So we coach the on certain habits that building thru and we got a base of foundational habits that we want our clients to be able to achieve now obviously taking fish or dairy meal or eating protein in each meal, ample water, vegetables and all that so we have some base foundation that we want them to work once to work thru those we kind of move amount of example like we say level one and going to level 2 and they realize level 2, level 3 we want start getting specific in counting in calories to help them move forward, take them to the next level. We don’t use it with everyonebut we do you use it with some clients as a progression. The most important thing is the, that those foundations and we coach them. What we do is we sort of set a habit for about 2 weeks and we get there kind of that confidence on doing so on a scale of 1 to 10 so we set them a habit for example like an increase your protein intake and so that had some of it each mean and we say on a scale of 1 to 10 we have confident you are doing that and thank you is a 9 or above is sort of we go with that and then we hit that, we nailed that and one have it for 2 weeks after that we might move on or if I have sort of struggle with that we’ll just revisit it and possibly continue that on for another 1 to 2 weeks until they’ve nailed it and the only idea is that over a month, 2 months, 6 months or year, they’ve changed all this multiple habits obviously is sound nutrition plan that works for them. We haven’t kind of force them an actual diet and this is something that way maintain for the rest of their lives because it would have sort of incline to do. Once we’ve set a habit we continue on and maintain for the life of their training. Another 12 months change the hell of a lot, multiply that for years and you’ve pretty much change your whole life…

Brett: Okay I think you just said the hour head there. It comes down to the alcohol that this cigarettes, smokers smokes a pack a day going cold turkey if you are ask any of them, it’s just unachievable, hint’s the reason, jumping on a band wagon I want to get fit and healthy and all of a sudden you can you calories, you’ve got the machine there that allows you to count your calories and you plug your head and ample time, you put that in, but at the end of the day for me for my perspective as well you did right it, it’s going to take place but for the majority of the population I personally blame that it really isn’t unachievable process until you have progresses yourself up to that level which we’ve got a great little system there with the habits and changing habits because that’s where it really comes down to it… but changing a lifestyle, changing the way you think, changing the way you act not just changing one thing and hoping for the best because if you still running your default programs and your default responses to certain things you’re going to look for an example is on the said they no, they could be sitting there watching in a movie you are like, “Oh… I’ve got a bag of loli’s, a bag of pods, a bag of chips and some chocolate milk”. Now i said because I used to be like that. I used to co relate the relationship between movie and to the third… I go to the movies and I have to even still resist when I smell the popcorn but it… that right there is breaking a habit that, one habit at a time will change the way you actually live your life… that was a lot longer than 60 seconds answer but that was a really, really good there mate. So let’s finish this episode right now with any words of wisdom now I know because you yourself have talked to many, many, many, many, many females and myself being in a group with a 15,000 ladies being near in a guy I get a really good insight into the female psychology and really what it is they want and generally have a go about it so what’s some words of wisdom from your side of things and your experiences that you can impart on someone whose looking to literally transform their life with looking building a muscle, lose fat, whatever the case, whatever the end result. What can you share with them?

Shannon: Yeah definitely I mean one of the biggest thing that have fun with working with our clients is that support network is so valuable and it’s one of the biggest things that we’ll continue, that we’ll give them push so when you start, you might be scared, you’re unsure of what to do. You got to find someone that you trust someone that you believe but also you got to be able to do better help you but the support that you can get from a group of ladies. What we have created with all the ladies especially with the fiit chicks and with personal clients I mean they are friends, they’re our 2nd family and people like to treat that as well, there places to go; they go home, they go to work and they come here. They come here; they come here to ask to be a part of what we’ve created because it’s not just about the training. You can do a squat anywhere but it’s coming here being a part of the whole environment, the vibe and someone that will be behind you to support in every step of the way, you can’t beat that, and that’s something you need seek out. It’s you and I’m sure Brett you help people massively on that. Even when you starting to us, even when you’re taking the next step, you’ve got to find your network, you got to find who you can trust, ask questions and be a part of that would take you to the next level.

Brett: Yeah and if you look at that the powerful thing there is, you just need to look at any faith, any religion out there is, you know they go to church on Sunday, they go to church on Tuesday afternoon, they do their events say, they come together as a group and they all believe and that’s what you’re saying right there Shannon is joining a group of people. Whether joining a personal trainer, whether it’s just joining you’re in the Fiit chick group that you’re currently now or any other group of that matter is being able to talk to likeminded individual because it’s a lot easier on the journey when there’s someone else on it with you. So let’s sum up on that point… Mate Thank you so much for jumping on this show. I heard a bit of a beep before in you finals I was wondering if that was the wonder if that was Maddy giving you the page; it would’ve been a really good for show perspective. Definitely great interrupt their if it was but mate…

Shannon: Don’t as yet…

Brett: Okay… Don’t ask yet … Damn it… Maybe we should we will keep talking with it till it happens. We never seen her on this show moment…Thanks a lot buddy! I appreciate your time and …

Shannon: Thank you!!

Brett: For everyone out there listening, head over to Fiitchicks.com.au click on the podcast tab and you can listen to all of our past episodes even better if you want head over to iTunes write us an awesome review and thank you to the people who have done that. Thank you very much. What we will do is we will read that out next week on the next episode so until then, stay tuned! Get out there and live your life how you want to live it… Thanks..


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