Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.09.19 pmThe Insider Secrets
That Most Women Will NEVER Come Close To Learning For Building A Toned & Curvy Body Despite Your Age … Genetics, Confidence or Experience!

By Brett Campbell & Emily Sparkes

In the coming pages you are about to discover 6 insider secrets to unlocking your “true body transformation potential”.

But first let me explain what “True Body Transformation Potential” actually means.

It is the ability to start a journey and tackle any set back, defeat, directional change, obstacle that comes your way. It is the ability to learn and discover the true YOU, and to take these lessons and create the body, mind and lifestyle you truly deserve to live.

You see; a TRUE, body transformation is not just about exercise and nutrition.

There is a lot more to it! And that’s what you will uncover in the coming pages.

I want to start by busting a very common myth.

[Your lead to believe, that you need to lose fat to get healthy. Well in the coming pages, I am going to convince you that you need to get healthy to lose fat]

I am going to do this by unlocking 6 secrets that you MUST adhere to if you ever want to lose fat, build lean muscle, feel invigorated and ultimately FINALLY reach your true potential in life.

I can say with confidence, that what you are about to read is not, some basic eat 3 meals a day, walk 30 minutes and drink lots of water.

Now, that’s no secret and in fact that is now known as common knowledge - sweeping the world and silently hijacking people and their journey.

Ultimately setting them up for FAILURE!

About the Author's:

HI There, I’m Brett and next to me is my beautiful partner Emily.

Together we are the creators of Fiit Chicks.

Fiit Chicks is a female only community with a mission to change the lives of 1 million females by 2020 on how to live a healthy, active and fulfilled life.

Together we have over 10 years experience working with individuals and transforming lives within the Health and Fitness Industry.

magsI have personally been a go to expert for fitness publications such as Oxygen, Fat Loss, and Ultra Fit magazines where I have published many articles on a variety of topics.

I have also coached and mentored hundreds of other Fitness Professionals from around the world.

We also have an in the trenches business where we have over 20 physical locations of our Fiit Chick Transformation program through out Australia.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because it is really important that you feel comfortable with the information I am about to share.

In the information age we live in, it is no longer hard to find an answer to a question we have. In fact it’s the complete opposite.

The problem that we face is ensuring the information we read or find is of top notch. And correct.

One thing you can expect from the report is that the information you read has been studied, researched and has been used on real people to achieve real results.

So without further ado.

Lets get stuck started with our first insider secret. 

Insider Secret #1: What’s your WHY?

I get asked this question several times a day.

Where do I start?

What’s the first step?

Before you even think about a specific goal or end result, you need to come face to face with the WHY!

  • Why do you actually want to lose 10kg?
  • Why do you want to gain 10kg?
  • Why do you want more energy?
  • Why do you want to be a size 10?
  • Why do you want to lose fat from your butt?

You see.

Until you can UNCOVER your real WHY and purpose…

You will never have enough motivation and determination to carry out your goal to completion.

Maybe you have been there before.

Started a desired goal, but for some reason or another you stopped and never achieved it?

The problem I see is this: People will begin their journey and possibly start to see some good results at the start. But as time goes on, and it becomes harder, or you simply hit a plateau - what are you supposed to do?

It feels that everything you are doing is no longer working…… WHY?

Funny you use that word.

It is at this exact time when your WHY (for doing this) becomes so important.

Be honest with yourself.

If your why is:

  • You can’t stand to look at yourself naked in the mirror anymore.
  • You look at yourself in a mirror at a certain angle and almost faint from what you see. (This was myself several years ago. And I never want to see or feel that way again!)
  • You’re sick and tired of people making jokes or rude remarks about the way you look.
  • You are sick of having to wear loose, baggy clothing to hide your rolls/muffin tops or lack of body shape.
  • You don’t have enough energy to keep up with your children and you are even more afraid that you won’t be around for them in the later years of life.
  • You have no love life because you are to embarrassed to approach the opposite sex in the fears of being judged or laughed at.
  • You feel like absolute crap. No energy, no libido, no motivation to do anything.

Now we could go on all day with different WHY’S, but the point I am making here is that everyone is different.

Everyone has a different WHY as to WHY they are embarking on this journey.

Above you have read my WHY, now what’s yours?

Unless: you can UNLOCK the power of the WHY. You are going to consistently struggle to ever achieve your dream body, dream lifestyle and you will lose your ability to live a long, happy and fulfilled life.

Ok, let me STOP there for a moment.

That sounds a bit deep right?

YES, I agree, it is deep but it needs to be. Otherwise you will never create the EMOTIONAL change you need to take action and get started.

After training and coaching thousands of individuals over the past years (myself included) on how to live the life you desire with the body to match.

I have discovered this.

YOU will never achieve anything unless you really KNOW WHY YOU WANT IT!

Task: Write down in exact details (as it sounds in your head) WHY you want to achieve ______(your desired goal).

Follow this up with: What will it really mean to me if I do achieve this goal?

Finally followed up by: What will my life end up looking like if I never start or achieve this goal?

Good Luck.