3 Simple Tricks To Fast Track Fat Loss

Below are 3 tactics, tips, strategies, whatever you want to call them, that if implemented will speed up your fat loss results and tone and tighten those muscles.

I am not going to bore you with the scientific reasoning so i will explain in the language we all know –  English.

1: Slow the heck down! (stop its a red light)

So the biggest problem i see with most people when they exercise is they are a bull at a gate, they pick up the weight and go like crazy, arms, legs swinging all over the place –

Now not only is that not good for your joints, but it can actually slow down fat loss, here is my brief explanation –

When you control the motion of the exercise you are needing to recruit more muscle fibres, when you recruit more muscle fibres your body is working harder, the harder you work (with correct form) the more fat you will burn.

2: What exercise is that?

Another thing i see all the time is new exercises, well maybe not exercises but new movements.

What i mean here is, be sure you are doing the correct exercise, don’t copy the person next to you in the gym, or the person on the biggest loser (they are most likely to be doing the movement incorrectly aswell)

REMEMBER 2 wrongs don’t make a right, and 2 lefts can make a U shape (ok bad joke I know)

So ensure when you are doing a movement, you are doing it correctly, and on top of that ensure you are choosing exercises suited for your goals –

so if you need to lose a lot of fat, then i don’t want to see you doing bicep curls, get squatting, lunging, and jumping.

3: Stop being a time bandit!

Wowza, this one has to be one of the most common mistakes people make in the gym, or when working out with friends, or even in front of the tv.

Ill get straight to the point:

If your goal is, you only need to rest for 30-60 between exercises, not 90 sec or 5 minutes like i see many people do.

Our boot campers rest periods are never longer than 60 sec in-between exercises, of course depending on what we are doing we may extend the break, but our general rule is 30-60 sec.

So stop talking, leaning, feeling sad because you are tired, get focused, get a stop watch and time those breaks.


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