3 Metabolism Monsters

Firstly lets define what your metabolism actually is.  According to Wikipedia Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms. SAY WHAT?

Basically, by Killing your Metabolism, what you are doing is opening up the gates for fat storage.

Lets look at 3 Metabolism Monsters that will damage your body on a cellular level.

#1 – Sugar Is bad so I Use Artificial Sweeteners  – STOP RIGHT THERE

With the supermarket marketing giants out there these days, we are lead to believe that if SUGAR is bad (which it is) then the only other option is by using Artificial sweeteners such as Equal and Splenda. Little do you know that these such products are bad for your thyroid, the organ that regulates your metabolism.

Furthermore, the problem continues. Artificial sweeteners are also neuro toxic for the body and your body will often respond with an inflammatory response (similar to a bee sting on the foot, but you don’t see it) This response can then lead to cortisol release.

And if you have read our more detailed article on Hormones you will know that cortisol is not the best hormone to be having floating around your body in excess amounts. Cortisol is basically know for its great ability to store fat. And for someone on a fat loss journey, this hormone can be a right pain in the butt (literally)

If you must use some form of sweetener I would recommend using Stevia (its natural, non artificial) and its far better for the waste line. You could even try carbonated water or iced tea with lemon, lime, or mint.

#2 – Sugar With Your Coffee

Here is the problem and something for you to think about.

I hear to often, oh I cant have my coffee without my sugar, or “I cant have my coffee without my milk” all I am hearing in these cases is that you are either addicted to your milk, or your sugar.

Now before I start the big coffee debate, firstly its important to know that I do drink coffee. To be honest I do look forward to my coffee, I think its all about the experience of actually drinking it, and not the actual coffee itself.

I am always someone who likes to be the test dummy and actually test out some theories, before plastering my opinions all over the stratosphere.

My In Depth Study

I then had coffee, milk and sugar: I did like the taste

I then had coffee, milk and no sugar: I still liked the taste.

I then had coffee, no milk, no sugar: and didn’t really like the taste.

My conclusions out of this weeklong experiment was that I was addicted to the milk, not the actual coffee itself. (Interesting huh?)

So from that day onwards I have never had a sugar in my coffee. That’s great news, especially when I discovered how sugar and caffeine together is sort of like mixing Myley Cyrus with a wrecking ball. (not good for you)

Caffeine can cause short-term insulin- insensitivity right when you need insulin to work most, especially when there is extra sugar in your system.

Basically if your cells are insensitive to insulin, what will happen is that your body will then need to pump out more and more insulin, which will resort in greater fat storage.

Studies are also showing that people are also eating more and more food after consuming liquid carbs, compared to solid carbs (real, clean food).

By eating whole food your body gets full quicker because your body recognizes all the good nutrients. When consuming liquid carbs, your body goes into overdrive searching for more nutrients, hence the fact you can keep eating crap (sugary) food until you nearly explode.

Metabolism Killer #3 – Stop Sitting On Your BUM

Know just because your fingers can type a thousand words a minute or your mouth can speak just the same, this does not mean you are active.

Sitting at a desk or at home on the couch for 8 hours a day is going to play havoc with your metabolism.

Its important to remember that your body is not designed to be sitting at a desk for extended periods of time.  The longer you are stationary the more chance you have at storing body fat. Its as simple as 1 + 1.

Lets at some tell tale symptoms of a broken metabolism.

  • You feel compelled to move
  • You feel tense or anxious
  • You make simple mistakes (and put it down to a long day)
  • You have the attention span of a 3 year old
  • You sit at your desk like you are ready to nod off

Before you hit the panic button lets look at some simple strategies that can help you with getting your metabolism back on track.

Every 60 minutes, get up and move – if you are at work, simply get up and walk to the toilet or down the hall.

Ill let you in on my secret – I get up every 50 -60 and simply pump out 10 press-ups. I literally feel like I have just had a shot of coffee afterwards. And as a double whammy, it kills my craving for a coffee anyway.

Don’t take the elevator/ escalator – walk the stairs, not only is it quicker, but I guarantee you that by the time you get to the top, you will feel more alive than simply sliding of the escalator.

Park far away – yes that’s right. Its funny the amount of times I have been to a gym and people are lining up to get the closest park to the front door, really?

When you remain active throughout the day your chances of a optimum working metabolism is far greater. And look, the above tips are not really that hard. You just have to take action.

On top of being active throughout the day, it is also important to get is some PROPER physical activity. 30-45 mins a day working out above 65% will be a good start.

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DISCLAIMER: please consult your doctor for any medical advice related to your metabolism.

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